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Totally called it

I love board games of all forms. I like both big group games, and games you can play with a small amount of people. I'll wait to see a bit about the gameplay, and where it's available, but it's certainly something I'd consider.

I had fun playing the original flash game and wish I'd played it more, but I didn't really have the internet connection to do so at the time. I remember loading the hunting mini-game took 5-10 minutes emotion_donotwant . So, this should hopefully have less lag.

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Philosophizing Cat

Well, I'm glad something came of that poll, but... My concern is... How Frontier Skies based is this going to be? Because, iirc, isn't that guy on the cover from... The 2012 CI, Gauntlets & Goblins? cat_eek

Oh, he is! cat_rofl

So... A character from the April 2012 RIG is on the cover a game that came out in Summer of 2010 and was, ultimately, closed on January 5th of 2012... Umm... And according to Gaiapedia, the first, and only, appearance of all those NPCs in the G&G RIG was, well, the G&G RIG cat_confused

...Also, isn't that picture of Sam... The one from Runic Challenge, the July 2012 RIG? cat_rolleyes

Oh, what do you know, it is! cat_rofl

Well, overall, I'm glad Frontier Skies, in all its (albeit, at times, aggravating) glory, has become something, but my concern is that it will NOT be "Frontier Skies" but some rehash "Frontier Skies" themed knock-off containing various RIG NPCs that Gaia wouldn't bother giving more spotlight too, because it might mean they have to flesh them out a whole lot more than visually illiterate Gaian is used to being exposed to cat_razz

Although, with a description like:

Based on the popular steampunk-themed minigame, Frontier Skies brings players on a tabletop journey through the unique world of Gaia Online.

...One could argue that this is clearly not Frontier Skies and, essentially, the boardgame equivalent to what zOMG sort of is, albeit with a "steampunk" theme (which is shaping up, so far, to be random RIG art featuring earth tones, goggles, and victorian-esque garbed females with a nice logo containing cogs... This should be on Regretsy cat_rofl )...
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...That... is... stupid.
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eek It'll be interesting to see the reviews when it comes out. I didn't hate Frontier Skies, but to be honest it was the little hunting game that I really loved. I WISH they would make a mini-game of that.

I would have thought that if Gaia was going to make any kind of physical game, they would have gone with some kind of doll dressing thing based on our avatars and items. That way, they could keep releasing new stuff for it lol Collectible = long term monies.
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That is really freaking cool. But I don't think I'll buy it. Firstly because I live alone and have no friends to play with. Maybe if I was still living with my family then I'd be all over it, but now I can already see it will just end up sitting in my closet for years without ever being touched. Secondly I really don't know a lot of people irl who would be interested in playing, even if I did somehow get the chance to play with anyone. Sooo good concept overall but it's sadly not for me.
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If this winds up being anything like the original FS, I'm definitely getting it. Ee, I'm so happy. I love this game. XD
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Ooooh, this should translate fairly well into board game form. I want it! I loved the game, I was sad to see it go.
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I don't know if I like the idea.. like I just find it REALLY weird. xD

I loved that game as a flash game and I'm really curious to see how it's going to be as a board game. o.O I'll probably end up buying it and forcing people to play it with me. xD
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Eh, I dunno. I'd really rather they bring back actual Frontier Skies. I loved playing it and was quite disappointed when it was taken down. emotion_8c
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Good luck to the game :3
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We are happy to announce that Frontier Skies the card game is fully funded on kickstarter and moving forward full steam.

In addition we have listened to your feedback, pms and comments and have worked with our partners at Game Salute to completely updated the stretch goals with all new rewards.

Check out the Updates and Start your adventure NOW! http://kck.st/12hu3BP
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Good news!
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I'm warming up to the idea. Apparently I'm one of the few people who loved the flash game and miss it. emo
I think it'd be cool. I don't have the money, but it's a good idea.

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