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But didnt Frontier Skies die out super fast? ;3;
Id much rather have Gaia Monopoly or something nbgjrvnd

Wasn't one of the reason it died fast is because they had to take it down due to major security issues?

Also... it's all the fault of the death moth~ lol

All i rememeber about the game was it broke if you saved to often and you could avoid the Death moth killing someone if you killed the browser window you where using.
So Board game ,I can picture getting the death moth card now.
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Is this an actual board game that you spread out on a table, with little game pieces? Or some type of online board game? I'm confuzled.... confused
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Huh. Interesting.
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Is this an actual board game that you spread out on a table, with little game pieces? Or some type of online board game? I'm confuzled.... confused

It's a table top game you play with others IRL.

I hope they export/distribute Gaia's game to actual store locations instead of just doing strictly online sales, since it seems like GameSalute is a distributor for several game store locations
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That's adorable. If it ever reaches my city I will grab that box and run to the register. I would be physically owning Gaia merchandise and artwork.
That and the Death Moth is not done spreading its reign of terror and frustration.
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I hope it translates really badly from online game to table top game x 3x not because I want it to fail, but because I want it to succeed D8 I just remember being so dissapointed at it being our super huge event and to it as a game XD;;; maybe it'll be fun but the only table top games I like are Pictionary and Scrabble, I haven't really played something that isn't like trivia or competition x 3x I don't know how to say it in English XD; anyways I wouldn't buy it even if I could, again I just really didn't enjoy Frontier Skies... even a sort of zOMG! game would've been better, and dear god that's saying a lot XD;;;
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Woah that's cool. emotion_kirakira
I want. 3nodding
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Sounds interesting, might buy to check it out and see how it plays.
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yum_onigiri personally i love the ******** out of board games, & now that i've remembered what frontier skies was (bad memory for gaia events..) i liked the game on-site too. also i thought they said it would be available after the event to play on the site? maybe this is their way of..staying true to that? lol
i think this game could actually have potential to be pretty cool, tbh. i'd actually order one online if i could, when they come out, considering they will be available nowhere near my ohio hick town.
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That's actually ridiculously awesome, I'd buy it I had money to spare, don't at the moment. I thought that game was funny as hell, I still have a bunch of screen shots of it saved somewhere...*digs*

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Honestly finding funnier and funnier ways to kill your crew was half the game and I made sure to name them all after my friends on Gaia, made it 10x funnier.
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Huh, of all the things to develop, I didn't think Frontier Skies would be one of them. However, I did enjoy the game. I liked that it was like Oregon Trail except more hilariously over the top.

I see Sam or some version of her on the cover art, so here's hoping the other Gaia NPCs made it over.

I'm hoping there will be some nice airship minis--if not I'll probably buy some Pirates of the Spanish Main or the like and build those little ships to use.

Like a prior poster, I do wonder how the hunting mechanic will work?
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o_o I'm definitely considering buying this when it's possible.

Frontier Skies is probably my favorite game gaia's ever had, honestly. I thought it was SO much fun and started playing it for the actual game and not even the medals/gold. I really wish they hadn't gotten rid of it... o.x And while I probably would have preferred if they made it into a computer game instead, I guess a board game is pretty cool. It won't be the same game though and I'm curious to see how it's going to be.
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I saw it on facebook and was all like "yeah cool." and promptly forgot about it. I'm not a board game person (or a game person for anything but pokemon and harvest moon. I know what I like.) so it's exciting only in a "Gaia is experimenting with non-facebook mediums? Tres fab!" and not really in a "I need that omgawd!"
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It sounds interesting, but I'd much prefer a flash version on gaia. I can't think of anyone off the top of my head who'd actually play in real life.
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it could have some nice art

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