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Aged Phantom

"My favorite detail (added by Ling) was the double Zac Efrons in the promo image. We decided that one Zac Efron wasn't enough to convey the gravity of this sandwich."

I lost it. Brb gonna clean my computer from all the coffee I spat.
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Dangerous Sex Symbol

Mmm~ sandwich. emotion_omnomnom
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Big Noob

Cool. A freebie. whee
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I want that sandwich too. emotion_kirakira
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dude. i love that movie. so i must love that sandwich. whee
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Friendly Citizen

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I want that sandwich too. emotion_kirakira

Click the link on the OP posts and you'll get one. 3nodding
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Thank you PRISM for the sandwich, I shall be young forever.
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Zace Fron would be so jealous if he ever saw that.
"How dare they make a sandwich that looks better than me emo "

Sidenote: I have no freaking clue who Zac Efron is... an American actor?
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Muscular Bear

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Most beautiful floating sandwich I ever saw. I feel like giving it a name and keeping it forever and ever and ever.
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This thread made me realize how pretty Zac Efron is...I never thought about it before. Just look at those eyes! He could sell me mascara!
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Fuzzy Detective

Now I need myself a nice,big,turkey related sammich. emotion_drool
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Why do I remember that promo NPC avatar but not 17 Again ever appearing on Gaia?

I'm having a mini existential crisis of memory. gonk
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I remember that sponsorship! Your story made my day. lol
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Totally weird but thank you for killing the turkeys gonk

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