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Awesome, thanks for the sandwich.
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Hellz yeah! My hobo character needed a sammich! whee
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The sandwich promotion just reminds me how much I hate subway gonk

That said, hey free item. I may use it for a Thanksgiving outfit (or rather, a day after TG outfit. yay leftovers.)
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Tipsy Man-Lover

..... this makes me hungry.
TY for the lovely sandwich item xd
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Since Zac Efron exists in real life, the sandwich must exist too!


Also, thanks for the food!
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I can't seem to grasp why that brilliance was not allowed. I mean, come on. The sandwhich idea is the definition of awesomeness. How could you not like the concept. rofl Sure it has no relevance to the movie, but it sure does beat the movie.
That being said, the freebie is awesome. I probably won't end up using it, but knowing it is in my inventory makes me content enough.

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what a cute item
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[Whenever you are here, i'll always be around.]

A Zac Efron sandwich? biggrin thats full of win
[CarlaaEfronn Was Hereee]
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~Man, you've got to try this sandwich!

It's no ordinary sandwich!

It's a sandwich made with Zac Effron and cheeeese!~

xD This made my day. It's so weird and random, just another terrible movie sponsor we have all forgotten about.
This floating sandwich is in my top 3 for items inspired by age-distortion comedies

somewhere between the BIG topiary shrubs and the 13 Going On 30 gatling gun
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blaugh WOO! FREE SAMMICH! heart That is awesome.
Thank you for the sandwich. To bad we can't hold it.
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I believe this sandwich displayed clever marketing, and whoever said you shouldn't use the sandwich to advertise this movie needs to be drenched in mustard.
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Mmmm, Zac Efron Sandwich...

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