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I'm hoping my experience will be fun. whee
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I did, but I'm thinking that isn't going through. Oh well. Congrats and thanks to the new FAs! yum_puddi
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I did, but I'm thinking that isn't going through. Oh well. Congrats and thanks to the new FAs! yum_puddi

Same. A few people that posted after me saying they applied have made FA but I haven't received an email from them. :(

Oh well. It was worth a try. XD
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I've been a moderator and an admin on sites before and it's a pain in the arse & eventually makes you lose faith in everyone you work for and with.
I would probably end up quitting Gaia if I was privy to all the horrible and ******** up things staff say and do. Not all of them are horrible obviously, and hopefully not even half of them are but that's been my experience of these sort of things. I've experienced homophobia from a former staff member here so I doubt Gaia is much different.
One thing I've learned from the world of work and life is that: 1. people are idiots, and 2. people are horrible. Usually it's the people who think their neither that are both.

If all of Gaia's users and staff were replaced with bunnies then I might do it.
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gum disease
NEVER. emotion_awesome

Seriously though, FAing is fun. I did it for almost 2 years before I became a moderator and I enjoyed every minute of it. Of course there are times where you're going to be nervous (especially when you first start out), but volunteering for Gaia is an awesome experience. You will always have some form of support, so to anyone who's interested in applying but is worried that they'll be "thrown into the deep end", you have nothing to fear in that regard - we all work as a team. If you're interested, apply.

Hi Gummy,

So training is provided, right? I want to ask a few questions about this, but not sure what you can and can't share.. sweatdrop

Hey Orphie!

No fear! If you are accepted, you'll definitely be trained in order to make 100% sure that you can move threads with confidence. Gaia would never just turn you pink and set you loose on the forums. xd heart
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What are forum assistants supposed to do really?
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I wouldn't. Gaia is my play place, not my work place.
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As a former Mod, I can definitely say if you're interested, apply! The Mod team is seriously amazing and helpful and it's a great feeling to be able to help a site that you love and frequent. heart

That being said, I wish I had the free time to be a Mod again. But I just don't. emo I'm not even logging on as often as I used to because I'm just too damn busy.
Am I the only one who initially misread this as : "Forum Assassins Wanted!" ?

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Am I the only one who initially misread this as : "Forum Assassins Wanted!" ?


Sign me up!
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What are forum assistants supposed to do really?

As stated in the View Moderators link at the top of each forum, they move misplaced threads to their correct forums.
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I used to think I'd like to I even went so far as to apply.Thinking about how busy I've been in my life lately though it's unrealistic, I barely have enough time to log on a post a little bit now a days.
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Glad to see they are reaching out for more FAs. Gaia has been constantly in need of more volunteer moderation staff for as long as I can remember.
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To much drama in my life and on Gaia to become one not to mention I'd never get it. I tried a few years back but didn't get it due to I found Warcraft that year. I don't own a computer or wifi and there's no way in hell idd add Gaia assisting for nothing but stress

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