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The game has been ported to all of the recent consoles (Both hand-held and not) and features high-end graphic, but ZOMG has been dropped in exchange. Not this pixely-doll bullshit, but well-rendered characters, models and textures.

You can explore the world of gaia like you could in Skyrim, face monsters to gain experience and even dawdle around towns as you would in an MMO. Gold you earn in the game is connected to your gaia-account, NPCs own their own shops in this world (of course!) but requires actual traveling time (nostalgia, anyone?)

The NPCs have been given voices, and a full-model. You can look at them from head to toe, from butt to bumps. They now have interactive dialogue-- but remember, they're still NPCS

The world is your oyster, and you've just taken your first steps into an adventure!


What's the plot?
What do you do first?
What monsters would you expect?
How would you expect the NPCs to sound? They have voices now!
Don't just use my spoons, this is a vast world now, explore the ideas as you would the world!
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Unfortunately, I can't go anywhere outside of town, I took an arrow to the knee some time ago and it's cut down on my adventuring...

I however would not want the game story to be centered around the latest manga, and would hope it's a game that has a story that is affected by what I and other users do.

The first thing I would do honestly is see what they did to all the NPC's and what voice actors they gave them.
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zomg i feel,. is still important. ill have to see what this new game is like though...
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There's no way that would be anything but awful, lol.
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Is this for real? Because if it is, do not want. gonk
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What game is this you speak of?!!! sweatdrop
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It's a hypothetical situation. Just to generate discussion.
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User ImageI would not want the NPCs to have voices. I quite like how they sound in my head. It should be like most Nintendo games where they don't talk and you just read what they say.
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Well, in that case. If they want to explore 3d possiblities I think we should maintain Zomg till everyone feels its what they want. If it was to go 3-d they should probably keep it low tech like ,er maybe animal crossing. I just think our might translate better to a simpler 3-d medium.
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          It would be MMVII all over again and those of us who survived that mess of plot turned cheap animated shorts would not want to see something like that ever again. We got to see the NPCs in all their non chibified glory with voices and everything and Edmund, Ian, Johnny, and Moira did not sound the way people had envisioned.

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Neopets is owned by Viacom. Of course they'll milk it for all it's worth. It's worth noting that they began to suck MASSIVE donkey balls ever since Adam sold it to them. edit: You can't even have decent conversation with anyone. Oh, you said the word "Boobies". *banhammered*
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That was pretty misleading to add that title there. But it would be interesting to see the models of the NPCs, even if some of the RIG ones were included. As for the voice acting, I hope it'll be like those of Nippon Ichi software where sometimes you hear their voices in most parts and some you don't. I still side with my thought of Azrael voiced by Crispin Freeman...or even Gino voiced by Johnny Yong Bosch Other than that, instead of 3D, I'd rather it be hi-resolution (like Disgaea 4) if that were to happen.
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a Foure
but ZOMG has been dropped in exchange. Not this pixely-doll bullshit, but well-rendered characters, models and textures.

So many levels of NO.

Half the fun on zOMG! is the tie in with your customizable avatar. Especially when the artists put in those extra bits of detail that animates the items when you move or pose.

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So much of the Gaian world is under-developed that I'd have low expectations, to be honest.
They'd have to build everything and everyone up into something more fleshed-out.

It would be good for pulling in new/old users, though. I could only imagine the traffic we'd get.
Then again, not all attention is good attention. If it bombed, we'd never hear the end of it. Never.

Etc, etc, skepticism and doubts. I'd still play it.

I'd go straight to customizing my character and make her as close to my avatar as possible,
depending on how many items they make, and whether those items are completely different from what is on-site.

Then, I'd patiently wait for the airship expansion. And backwings.

It would be nice. I love zOMG, but I always hoped the fabled battle system would be an open-world experience.
And the NPCs. They'd have facial expressions and everything; no more static avatars with text bubbles. That would be neat.
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There's no way that would be anything but awful, lol.


Mod's!! Please remove this thread before Gaia developers get any crazy ideas!

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