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O.G. Shopper

the fay item and the flower tatoo item are both sexy
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Tipsy Ladykiller

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Theres only one or two poses from each item that I kinda like..

The Nymph Adora hair piece is lovely, but I only want the flower. Not the weird branch thingy.
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Dangerous Bloodsucker

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I love the ears and antlers. <333
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In a relationship with many fictive characters

Kawaii Phantom

I want so bad.
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Stone-cold Cat

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I really want those cream bangs..
They are on my watch list >.>
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Beautiful items, I can see myself using any of them!
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Frozen Cutie-Pie

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Not my thing. And I'm glad about that biggrin Saves me gold when I don't like the new items.
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Sparkling Giver

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"To obtain, something of equal value must be lost... that is Alchemy's first Law of Equivalent Exchange."

I like them all. emotion_kirakira

"In those days, we really believed that to be the world's one and only truth..."
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Kawaii Abomination

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Thank you Gaia for giving me actual footless legs!
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Golden Gawker

>>>: Silver doe in a forest? OMG Snape!! T_____T

Erhm... I do like them all, although not enough to buy the bundle.
Unless I should get enough free gcash from offers before it leaves.
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I liked them all, but only the floral one fancied me to buy.
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Ruthless Phantom

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nah, i don't think it's even worth the time
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O24's Partner

Aged Gaian


Off topic, but... as I was scrolling down reading the comments I stopped and went " eek Holy tits.." "...what are your boobs made of!?"

And then proceeded to look at your item list

But, that is the first time I've ever not known a body mod outright lol

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