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Okay, here's my pathetic little story/rant.

I've been in the marketplace trying to find a deal for the Thank You Letter For August 2007 that I can actually tolerate (which is maybe 14k or less) and i've been haggling (not to mention STRESSING MY BRAINS OUT) for OVER five hours. The only thing thats keeping me from going insane is my music playlist. I refuse to pay up to 17k! Its ridiculous, and hour ago they were 10k! (wish I had a time machine...)

I keep bidding, and it says like 1 or 0 minutes left, and I'm like "YES, YES, YES BABY I'M GONNA GET IT!" then somebody elses buys it in like 3 seconds left or the seller takes it off the market and I want to die. gonk

Anyways, discuss:
-What's the longest time you've ever spent selling/buying/bidding in the MP?
-The ridiculous prices in the MP.
-Do you like the MP? Why or whynot?
-Cherry cheesecake. Mmm.

1: It may never deflate.
2: I want it NOW! If I didn't, I would have given up HOURS ago!

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Try a few days, maybe even a week from now. Good things come to those who wait. Something I've learned the hard way month and month again whenever the DIs come out.
Ah, I usually just sell things in the market place that I do not need. I'm not a hardcore vendor or exchanger, so it doesn't really matter much to me. Though, 17k is a lot of Gold for a brand new item O_o; I'm a buy only kind of guy. Waiting in line and bidding is SO pedestrian talk2hand (I kid, I kid!)

Tangent: My little sister LOVES the book in your sig!
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User ImageA dragon dreams...

Sadly about an hour ago I saw a mispriced Summoning Tome for only 1K... It is sad 'cause I missed buying it. xp

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I don't like the MP just because I am always questing, and when I'm questing I enter the MP and I end up buying something with my quest gold.


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I freaking hate the MP. I hate it that people can pull their auctions at the last minute because they don't think the bid is high enough. Bastards sad

But give it a week... by the end of the month, I'm sure the prices for this month's letters will go down.
I missed a 10k Plasma Gear bid a few minutes ago. It had 30 seconds left. (Damn long password.)
    Wow, they've inflated that much already? They WERE 14k just a couple hours ago! I hope you can get hold of one, but your best bet is probably to wait until they deflate, assuming they will.
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I missed a 10k Plasma Gear bid a few minutes ago. It had 30 seconds left. (Damn long password.)

    I copy/paste my password when I'm in bidding wars. whee (And even then I'm usually not quick enough!)

*cough* Anyway. Get this, I got my Chicky for like...600 gold and there's people selling them for over 3000.
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Yeah, the only way you get the lower price ones is if you sit there and refresh it constantly and copy paste your password. And hope your computer loads faster. Best one I say was 1.6k that someone mispriced. Couldn't get that, though. Best I got was 12.5k.

I've been exploiting it. I've got 25k more and the same number of letters I started with. Yay!
haha... wait for a few days.... the price will eventually go down
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um, duh? the only way I have made money is by donating on the 13th, selling them on the mp for 17k on the 14th, then buying them back a month later for 10k. except for this month, the mp has been stable, there is no money to be made in a stable market.
I think its great that its going up in price. You should of got your sealed when they were still sealed
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As much as I desire to have light sabers and dragons, I always wait till the end of the month. It's guaranteed to go down, even if it's just a bit.

However, some items like the Pixies will only stay down for a day, then shoot up the next. I was lucky to get it on the last day of the month when they were under 14k. The next day, they were 18k. MP stuff is pretty unpredictable, but you're almost safe with the last day of the month.

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