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So who is willing to bet that the new CI game is going to be another Love Charm for February rolleyes
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Friendly Wolf

I really hope it is not another love charm... We already have 3 so another would just seem redundant and lazy... >.>
As for a guess, it will probably be something lovey dovey. XD
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Loyal Gaian

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I hope it's not love charm.

I hope it's, like, some kind of goofy dating-game-show instead.

Like an episode of Who's Line.

Gawd, I'm tired.
Wolfhawk13's avatar

Friendly Wolf

Yeata Zi

Like an episode of Who's Line.

Gawd, I'm tired.

Ha! That would be awesome! biggrin

Bed time? 0.o
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Bookish Hellraiser

It's probably gonna be Love Charm 4.
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Eternal Bunny

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How about a "I heart GaiaOnline" themed CI for the 10th anniversary?
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Even on the off chance that they might give up the Love Charm trend, I'm passing on this AC. Too must of a risk that it'll be cheesy items made with a bunch of hearts (even the weapons). The items from LC don't tend to do well anyway.
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Dangerous Knight

Maybe they'll do an anti-romance one instead this year.
But my bet's on a lovey-dovey one of some sort - no doubt it would sell better and they ARE a business.
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Dangerous Sex Symbol

A squel to LeBox Items or Gee Boi Turbo.

With my Splicer mask.

Or a RIG with items from various decades.
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Tipsy Vampire

        Probably gonna just pick up the items I like
        off the marketplace this go around.

        but, more eyes please!
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I can only imagine some more lubbu lubbu items for Valentine's Day. Just pleaaasse Gaia, no more dolls with incredible hair poses that I can never haaaave gonk
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that's just plain lazy if they do another love charm...but if the items are as pretty as HxM then i dont mind i guess. It would be nice if they do something unexpected especially with the colors.
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Magic Mage

love charm: famestar

calling it
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Sparkly Fatcat

I agree with Elynai it will probably be an anti-valentine. Like a unlove-charm xd
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Magic Detective

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whatever it is, it will have the theme of love in it..somehow........ ninja

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