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Unsealed Nerd

Favorite RIG? Gee-Boi turbo...for all those funny gifs!!!

Fave item from a RIG? Hmmm...
I guess the Majoko Eyes...
PotW...? /shot
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my favorite rig would be between radiant galaxy and guardian totem. loved most of the items from those two rigs. my favorite rig item would be sdplus thea doll smile
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Favorite RIGs: Club Limbo, Guardian Totem, Radiant Galaxy, Trinket Heart, Dark Reflection 2, Forgotten Reverie

Favorite Items from RIGs: Lady Luck, Wendy's Care, Decadent Frosting, Magical Miracle Mage, the Friday XIII and New Waves Kaede dolls, Fragrant Heartbeat, Heart Power Transform!
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Lonely Loiterer

Revolution Dusk because it had Cherubic Queen. Wish I hadn't been on hiatus then, I would've bought a million trying to get the item. emo
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Game on is my favorite rig.
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Kawaii Phantom

Pretty much every RIG that isn't forfeit/continue. I hate those.

As for favorite item, as of right now is Workshop Flora. The hair is so cute and brown~
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My favorite RIG is the Snow Apple, because I loved all the fairytale themes AND I had amazingly good luck with it.

My favorite item is Butterfly's Lament, because of dat hair and dem eyes.
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Divine Dog

Favorite RIG(s)?: Underland, Hell Prison, Club Limbo.

Favorite RIG items: Russian Winter, Dead Korps, Friday XIII, Friday XIII SDplus doll, Untoten Gegner, Dystopian Gasmask.
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One Winged Soldier.

Even if I rarely use it, I'm just... I'm totally in love with the damn thing. But the item I most use is the SDPlus #042 Ron Bruise from the Neon Core RIG. This hair is just perfect. I use it in... seriously, 95% of my avatars.
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Sweet Porridge hands down! I have always loved the hair since its release.
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Overall, I think Cirque du Gothique is my favourite. So many of the items are really interesting and unusual, and I always have fun making avatars with them. I also like Luna's Incense and Snow Apple a lot too.

My favourite RIG item is maaaaaybe The Ringmaster. I would love to get one some day. So many excellent items come from RIGs though, so it's hard to pick!
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I like Bitter Frost and Neverland. Sandman is one of my all time favorite items
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I don't really have a favorite RIG. I liked Luna's Incense because Luna is awesome. I liked the totem animal one and the fairly recent horror one... Guardian Totem and Cryptic Path, for their items and theme. Ship Happens and Game On! are really amusing... In a way there's usually something I like about all the RIGs.

As for favorite RIG item? ....



Oisin's Blessing. I'd be lying if I said any other item... When I first read that question I actually did think "Do I have a favorite RIG item? What is it then...? There's so many how could I choose just one?" But then it occurred to me, I'm almost always wearing either of the eyes. I do wear the other poses infrequently, but it's the eyes I enjoy most. I was quite happy when I actually won it from the RIG they came from. I couldn't part with it.
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Kawaii Carnivore

Favorite RIGs ?
Cryptic Path, Radio Havok, Goblets and Goblins , Neon Core , Radiant Galaxy , Game On .

Favorite RIG items ?
Pretty all of the items found in the ones said above .
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Hitched Sweetheart

My favorite RIG was Bitter Frost, I love all the items we got from it.

My favorite item is Dylene Poissone, I love all the poses from it and I use it more than any other item.

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