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Invisible Vampire

Ships Happen and for the items...am working on that.
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Distinct Vampire

I will always have a soft spot for the Gee-Boi Turbo since I'm pretty sure it was the first RIG I bought. I love me some reference items and I find it most iconic.

I'm not sure about which item I like the most because I'm pretty sure there are heaps!
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Luna's Incense or Famestar Hero; Whim Sea or any of the Kanoko items.
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Playful Sweetheart

    oh gosh, favorite RIG? that's a tough one.. i'll choose Gee Boi Turbo. i thought the idea for it was soo cute and the items were really nice.
    i also like Neon Core because Kink is in it.. ;;>.>

    as for item, Pink Marionette for sure. i've wanted this item for such a long time. D:
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Mega Noob

Bag of win! And the kitten star!

I love kittens that look like stars. emotion_c8
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Snow Apple was one of my favorites. 3nodding I think I got 2 bundles for that one because the items were awesome! Plus, I really wanted Dede. I did end up buying him 2 years later.

My other favorite was the super hero one from last year...I don't remember the name of it. It reminded me of the X-Men almost. I'm waiting for another super hero one that leans more towards X-Men related items ((and Avenger items as well)). I'd probably go crazy if they had items for Gambit, Hawkeye, Kurt and Wolverine!!! whee
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Hygienic Hunter

My favorite RIG is tied between Neverland and GeeBoi Turbo. c:
Favorite RIG item? Probably my Prized Possessions, I absolutely love this item. emotion_bigheart
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I think Wrath of Gaia was my fave rig... or the Casino themed one. There are many items from each of those that I liked. The new NPCs from those were also pretty awesome.
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          Arcana Break. I adored the tarot card theme, and many lovely items were released from it: Crimson Marionette, Laced Blessings, Infinite World, the Cups series, and the Scintillant Emperor/Adumbral Empress pairing.
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Underland... Man that was the greatest RIG.

I still use my Alphie doll for it's GLORIOUS eyes.
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Golden Gaian

Gee Boi Turbo, but if we're counting the ones I didn't get to play I'd probably choose Ships Happen...
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Famestar Hero was my fav CI of all time. I love about 90% of the items in that one!
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I absolutely adore Big Sister.
Don't really have a OMG BEST FAV rig though.
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Hmmm to be honest, I don't really have a favourite RIG.

Though, I do like any RIG that has Luna The Incense Shopkeeper in it. heart
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Magical Girl

Favourite rig: Champion Halls - Loved amost of the items in it.

Favourite item: Dice Bunny - That hair, my favourite wig of all time.

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