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I've been noticing some confusion about this Topic, so I decided to do a user-ran FAQ page.

Is this place the new Chatterbox?
No, there will always be one and only one Chatterbox.

Can I make a thread about Llam?!
Well, yes. Any thing related to the story of Gaia (like Gambino, The H2K4 Inncident, and Lllam) is perfectly acceptable. Though, please, be considerate. No one wants to see 2000 "I heart Ian/Llam/Some One" threads.

OMFG DIZ 1s suuu kewl11!!1lolroxmysox!
This is an example of what NOT to do. Please, at lest be a little bit understandable in your post.

Are Item discussions okay?
Yes, and no. While putting up a Shop here, or Auctioning your items here is wrong, talking about your favorite items (Like The Doll Ears, The Emo Glasses, The Sketchbooks, etc.) is perfectly fine and encouraged.

i wanna talk about boyz!!111!
Please, leave topics like these in Chatterbox.

Thank you, and good night!
xd I saw that "OMGodorz!314 i wanna tak about boyz12`11" thread.
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Shy Elocutionist

Yang already has a strong thread about what GCD is for and how to use it. ^_^
Ummm... ^_^;;; redface

Gaian Community Guide (posting FAQ)
Oh. Sorry about that. Thought a FAQ was needed when there already is one. Sorry!
Oh. Sorry about that. Thought a FAQ was needed when there already is one. Sorry!

nice try

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