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Loving the idea <3

I'd be interested to see Natasha and Devin because I think their EI's could be something different from the traditional styles. Becky from Prize and Joy could easily have a great EI and she has been neglected a bit. Josie in Global imports could have a travelling EI and lots of lovely different themes. Really the possibilities are quite fun when you start thinking about them!

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Gino x Meili's Summer Love Adventure REI

Gino x Meili's Summer Love Adventure REI

Gino x Meili's Summer Love Adventure REI

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I'm not sure I'd really want our well known NPC's playing a role in our EI's. Most of them are mundane and ordinary... which would be pretty boring for an EI. Though we did have two other instances of NPC involvement- one was the EI inspired by Crazy Pete's ramblings (something Island Adventure...), and Rosamund's Revenge was about the princess from the Saint Ciel: Agape story. Both were kinda cool. But I really can't see Moira hanging out in the fantasy stories these items seem to take place in.

I was thinking the same thing too about the NPCs in our EI/REI. It would be kinda boring if they live in a normal, ordinary life. After all, who would be interesting to have a REI about a certain NPC that does nothing but selling shop clothes or Liam going on a quest to find a date by asking random women (Of course, I bet it would be interesting if there's an arm mod where the male avi can flex the pythons. >>; ) However, if they have an idea as to what sort of theme they can come up with a certain character (like that Kiki part I mentioned earlier since its description said it had its own tv show) perhaps it can work.

I wouldn't consider Gary's Island Adventure and Rosemund's Revenge as part of it. While it is true that Pete mentioned that item, they weren't really involve in it. As for the revenge, it was really a sequel to the Saint Ciel items. It even said so in the EI reports.

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Maybe Brennivin If not just to get some discount on experimental luxurie goodies! surprised
Oh and Carl cuz, why not really? Stags are boss yo. cool

Oh god, imagine the clothes coming to life and try to strangle you if Brenny's magic gone wary. >>;

I will be curious as to how Carl managed to own a shop.

It'd be interesting for sure, but- We have the dolls which already contain some key poses. Instead of an REI for each NPC, why not a large EI with poses for every NPC...

True about the dolls. They do contain the hair wigs, eyes, and/or one article of clothing. But in addition, we also have some gold shop items where we can cosplay the Gaia NPCs too such as Moira and Sasha. I will admit that I try to avoid certain key poses of the Gaia NPCs such as wigs and eyes and more focus toward what sort of antics they will do. >>;

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It is a great idea. Not only could we as Gaian's get some much needed background and character development, but also Items based around our favorite NPC's, AND Gaia could make some easy cash off of us. It benefits everyone, unless you don't like the way they go with the character building.

It could present shop backgrounds, along with perhaps what the NPC's homes look like in background form, various clothing and handheld items, and even the elusive curved backwings that Ruby has on that everyone imagined we'd get, but didn't.

There is a large opportunity that they purposely skip out on with this, simply because I feel they want all characters to remain as flexible as possible. This allows for them to pretty much do whatever they please story wise, to some extent, with whomever they please, whenever they please.

So true about Gaia making easy cash if they include Gaia NPCs in it. That way, they don't need to brainstorm so hard as to what sort of item they can make for a theme. *coughAllStarcough*

However, I have to agree with you about the being flexible for the manga. It would be hard for the character to grow out of their comfort zones if they are to remain the same. Then again, some of the story plot makes no sense at all either. sweatdrop After all, Gaia even commented that the storyplot were few years old before they were released into public.

However, if Gaia still to certain antics or puns that we know so well about the characters (such as Peyo looking for his father on Father's Day), that can work.

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Did someone say a Principal Mills EI? emotion_drool

You're sure you're not mishearing Existential Existence saying Meili for Mills? :B
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Did I just say I want an Ian item? Yes, yes I think I just did.

Gaia, make this so...

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