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cєℓєsтιαℓ ғιʀєғℓιєs:

What gets me is when people act like, because they asked for it, they're now entitled to it. And they throw a fit if you say anything but "yes". "But I aaasked for it!!! I said please!!! OMG you are SO mean and selfish!!!"

Okay, except, I actually went to the trouble of earning this gold. You believe I should just hand it over for no other reason than, well, of course you should get everything you want. But that's not selfish, to demand and expect other people hand over their work so you don't have to do anything? Oh. Okay.
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I've been getting hit up a lot lately, but I just ignore them and move on.

Though I think it'd be kinda funny to see some Gaia-sanctioned begging rules and guidelines, as layed out by Ol' Pete XD

addicted to cute s**t
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yes I have the same problem and worse yet people pretending wanting to be friends and then asking me for items and gold after

I usually put them on ignorelist or turn off private messages and comments


is the reason on why I have my friendlist bloqued....
I used to receive A LOT of friend requests... that ended in CAN YOU HELP ME TO GET THIS ITEM??? or PLEASE PLEASE DONATE MEEEE

¬¬ so annoying!!!

when I get PM's asking for help... I usually don't reply back...
I like to help my friends and sometimes random people I see deserve it.. but I HATE beggers -.-

-back to work-
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I've had a "friend" message me and ask for a donation, so I helped him out just out of generosity. Not five minutes later some other user messaged me asking for money as well. Suspicious, I compared the profiles of my "friend" and the random stranger. Unsurprisingly, they both had the same birthday and I think there were some other things that were exactly the same on both profiles. I told him he was scum and haven't talked to him since, can't even remember his name.

Other than that I don't think I've had that many requests for donations, maybe because my friends know I'm poor in gold.
Did you ever tell them to please stop asking for gold?
I don't care if people ask me (on my main that is), I just say no. If they keep up with it, I can warm them that I might remove them..
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ITS only a Day Dream
Did you ever tell them to please stop asking for gold?
I don't care if people ask me (on my main that is), I just say no. If they keep up with it, I can warm them that I might remove them..

This. I had one girl ask me for donations (the only time I can remember someone asking for something in the past year), and once I told her that she shouldn't go around begging for things from random people, she apologized and said that she didn't know what she was doing was annoying. We even talked a bit after that about non-begging things.
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No they just want to hack me. emo
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I dislike being asked for stuff. I worked for it, why can't you? I give things away when I feel like it.

I will sometimes receive PMs asking for donations. Depending on their message, I do 1 of 2 things:

1. Ignore the PM (not the user)
2. Offer them a full trade with items I get from daily chance (vary from 20g to whatever amount per item)

Usually, a person is happy/grateful to receive anything. Though, once when I gave one of those trades, she replied "can u give me like items over 100k pls?". This was insulting. I told her not to expect much in the first place, but to ask for MORE? I PMed her back that she asked for a donation, I gave it & she should have been happy to receive anything considering she's begging me for stuff which I have no reason to give to her. And I blocked her. : /
I ignore these people. They try to friend me or PM me without getting to know me.
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I used to get pms begging me for gold, but not anymore. Thank Goodness! heart
BOOM laying down the law!
This is what its like for me.

anonymous1: "Oh hey Riley nice ninja band can you donate?"
Riley: "Sure here"
-Riley trades 10k gold to anonymous-
anonymous: "Cool thanks my "dream avi" is finished now thanks to you!"
Riley: "Cool! Glad I could help <3"
anonymous1: "Oh hey Riley nice monochrome keido I need 50k can you donate for my dream avi?"
Riley: "You literally just asked me to donate for that SAME dream avi 2 days ago and you said it was finished."
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They're always going to be there.
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Ryouko Akizakura
Caffeine Shadow


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I feel bad for people who get pestered by people asking for donations. No one ever bothers me about anything.

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