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Do you think Edmund will ever get back to his store?

Poll Whore 0.11842105263158 11.8% [ 9 ]
Yes 0.28947368421053 28.9% [ 22 ]
No 0.13157894736842 13.2% [ 10 ]
I'M SICK OF LOUIE'S FACE 0.46052631578947 46.1% [ 35 ]
Total Votes:[ 76 ]
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Angelic Senshi

Hey sexy party people! It's Manga Friday and that means possibly more Edmund if they decide to stick with the GOSH crew and not follow Cresento to Luca's place. Edmund's currently back at the Isle de Gambino where his journey first began. All he needs to do now is get Gino to his house and meet up with the mysterious Gaia so Gino can get Johnny's hastily scrawled out death note. So much to look forward to and oh so much more Edmund to experience.
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What items did they sell at his store?
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What items did they sell at his store?

H&R Wesley is his store, Louie is only watching it for him.
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More plot please, Gaia.

I don't ask for much.

I'll even take it without illustration, if that helps.
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Looks like people really love Louie & Edmund. heart Glad the shop is saved. I would have been pisssssssssed.
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Me too. They better bring back Edmund soon. Louie is no substitute for the Edmund's sexiness.
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I can't wait til Edmund comes back... emotion_drool
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User Image

Good day!

I'm popping over from the D-Party!
We're getting together nominations for candidates that could become Gaia's Vice President.

Diedrich is the best President, it's true, but sometimes he might need some help.
Do you guys think Edmund might do a good job?

Today's our last day for nominations, if you think he's up for it!
It would be good to have a candidate capable of maybe actually doing a serious job of it in the running!
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Hilarious Gawker

heart Come back Edmund! Louie is so BORING! Twilight seriously killed the sexy in vampires... Bring sexy back for all your fans! heart

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