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Do you think Edmund will ever get back to his store?

Poll Whore 0.12631578947368 12.6% [ 12 ]
Yes 0.26315789473684 26.3% [ 25 ]
No 0.11578947368421 11.6% [ 11 ]
I'M SICK OF LOUIE'S FACE 0.49473684210526 49.5% [ 47 ]
Total Votes:[ 95 ]
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Yay! I just did my part helping to rebuild the shop. I was really hoping for an event like this, though it went on a bit longer than necessary, maybe. About the name... I was thinking that I like the original name for nostalgic reasons, but if gaia surprised me with a great new name, I could accept it. As long it's relevant, and as long as it's not a pun or sexual innuendo. *cough* Ruby's Rack *cough* Sam's Body & Parts ¬_¬
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Even if it must forever remain a mystery, it must remain H. R./H&R Wesley.

As much as I want to know where the name came from, I also like the mystery. Whatever guesses we come up with usually tend to be better than the cannon. I'd settle for them settling on which version of the store name they're going to use consistently, because I've seen it with the initials and I've seen it with the ampersand, and I doubt they know what the bloody store is called.

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I like Edmund.. heart and wish they would leave the title the same.

I helped rebuild the shop too. How many prizes are there? I got two so far. Is it still going? Thx
Imagine this: Louie goes ahead with changing and updating the shop and Edmund returns. Seeing this new store, Edmund is angry and Louie for changing his beloved shop. When Louie asks what the big deal is, Edmund reveals the history of how his shop came to be.
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H&R Wesley is classic, like Gaia's very own Louis Vuitton. So, it'd be horrid to change the title in my opinion. But, to gain some insight on the elusive title would be grand. <3

&& I've also completed the Shoppe voulenteer work, and I have to say, the items are splendid. <3
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Seems we're keeping H&R Wesley. Thank god. It would have felt really weird if they changed it. And I don't know why Louie is trying to make it sound like it was Edmund's idea to change the store name.... I think he's a bit busy for that right now. sweatdrop
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Hooray H&R Wesley! I have to admit, the rebuilding, while a bit tedious toward the end, was kind of fun. Yay for being a part of history! /lame X3
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I don't know if this bothers you all like it does me, but in order to get back at those jerks who burnt down Edmund's shop, we have to join the Vampire side for the Halloween event.

...we're on the VH side. To support Edmund.
(waves tiny flag) Go....us?
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Eh, it's the Louie side. Makes sense to me.
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As much as I love Zhivago, I do enjoy me a bit of Edmund. Sign me up for this sexy party.
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Much love for Edmund.
Glad his shop is back together.
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Well, at least the event seems to make sense with the plot.....

Wait, did I just say that?


Who am I, and what did I do with Sera?
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(/is twitching in anticipation of the Halloween event)

Damn it the 1st, hurry up and be here!
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Aw man I remember this thread from way back, goooood times. Edmund's a hottie for sure.
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So what, since Edmund is off on an adventure he doesn't get a Halloween costume this year? Well! That stinks! Especially since it seems the one time the Gaia staff really put themselves out for their work is in the Halloween costumes. (That Ezio one last year was, to borrow my little nephew's favorite word, "epic".) I'm so bummed for the upcoming event already now. cry

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