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I try to dive every once in a while if I remember to.
Can't say I've gotten anything better during the holiday season, but it could just be because I rarely dive to begin with..
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~ yum_tea ~
Coffee Cat says:

Even all the trash on christmas, it smells so sweetly~

I never dive anymore. I donated plenty for the event though. ALL those bugs and flowers and credits.
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I donate to the dumpster dive all the time. Usually I don't want to bother selling things that don't have a sellback price. Inks, event items, things i've had forever.

I rarely dive unless I'm looking for some lite fish. I LOVE lite fish. They make my aquarium happy. It's running low lately . sad
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I dive every time I collect the DC from the Games tab c:
Though for the event, I bet people hated me because I donated so much dirty crumpled paper. sweatdrop
Best thing I got from the Dumpster was a couple months ago and it was the Mouton Twins, so that was pretty lucky c: I've also been getting some event items I've missed in the past from it.
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Actually Dumpster Diving is even worse around the holidays because Gaia rewards users for putting in more items. And because paper trash is still rewarded as an item, that is all I ever get out of it. I've put a couple nice RIG items in the DD, but I'm still not a big fan of it.
I like to keep my inventory really neat, so I donate anything worth less than 500 gold. Less than that and I don't even want to struggle selling it in the marketplace.
I DD when I collect my daily rewards. Best item received was something worth 16k in the marketplace so one may never know that they'll get something cool
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Sometimes Junk sometimes Treasure...

But who the hell biggrin i need Reversible Hair Pins, but tnx fiding black boxers underwear are litle rare then Daily Chance.
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DD is a feature I tend to forget about, despite adding quite a few items to it myself.
I occasionally dive when someone reminds me it's there.
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I'm not too comfortable sending strangers cheap random gifts.

Good. It is very disappointing to open a present and see it's s**t someone was dumping to you. -___- And as an anon, too. Sigh. This is why turning gifting on is not worth it...

I find the best way to deal with that is not to expect anything; you can't be disappointed if you have no expectations to begin with.
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I personally don't use the dumpster dive. I get enough of going through other peoples trash in real life, thank you. stare
I'm a lab cleaner. You wouldn't believe what those dozy student throw in the trash...
Scalpel blades, used syringe needles, broken glass, metal offcuts... Its a miracle I still have all 8 fingers!

Anyway, I will hold my hands up and admit that I was one of the people donating trash for the Apocalypsmas event.

In my defence, I'll just say this:
"I hate Christmas!" twisted

Seriously though, if you expect to get good stuff for free, you're gonna go through most of life disappointed...
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Have any of you gotten worthwhile items from the dive during the holidays?
Oh yes! I got a cute Reindurr! smile
What have you been putting in the dumpster if anything at all?
Almost regularly, not that I put the greatest things in. But I never put starter items in!
What is your reaction to receiving various items from the dive?
Starter items, nothing. Town items, Something to donate! (lol!) Nicer stuff, sweeeeeet!
I try to dive every time I log on. So far, I've gotten two lidless demon armor, and a ton of bugs and paper.
I've only donated once since I don't have much stuff in my inventory, but I will definitely donate more in the future!
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I dive all the time because I don't see anything as worthless. I'm grateful for anything free if somebody doesn't have a use for it. I never got anything particularly valuable but I like to hold onto things. I donate little things from time to time too.
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cat_biggrin I've been lucky a bit in dumpster dive I do it alot . I got a vannila butterctram from it and a old letter including sunstaff. I sold them for over 50k each. I try to donate old items back I get from it I don't want and can't trash.

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