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Lady Matsi
I'm too good to trash-pick talk2hand
There is just something about rolling around in filth that makes the day better.
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A little dirt never hurt anyone!
i've had lots of hits and misses lately. not to long ago i got a item worth 40k in the mp. then like 3 days later another item worth around 15k. i usually stock up on stuff then dump it in there 98% of the fish and other aquarium stuff i drop in cuz i don't use that feature. so once a week i go through my invo and it gets dumped.
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Got a philosophers case once
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I dumpster dive several times a day, have been doing so for a couple of weeks now. As it says in my sig, I'm only equipping my avatar with items from the DC, Dumpster Dive, and the Overseer.

It's been an interesting experiment. My avi was naked for a couple of days before I got a shirt--I was so excited to get a shirt, it was ridiculous.
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                                          I got a sweet lunarian (200K) and a grunny (100k) there a while ago. Now all I get is trash and paper, like you said. heart

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I donate stuff to it, and not trash stuff. More like items that are worth only few hundred g, event items, advertising give away items etc.
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I always donate items on my monthly inventory cleaning.
Not crappy stuff though, like things someone would want but aren't worth the effort to sell.
I've never really dived myself though... Maybe once when the feature came out
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I used it a few times when it came out but then realized how fast it clutters my inventory with junk.
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I've donated some good items but never received anything other than paper.
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I've donated some good items but never received anything other than paper.
Your avatar is beautiful. emotion_kirakira
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I've dived a countless amount of times... x'D When I first made this account almost a month ago I decided to only collect items from DD/DC and not buy anything.

Best thing I ever got was Monkey Pajamas.... which I promptly sold for 150k because I personally hate the item.
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Tipsy Phantom

Nothin' but paper from admins for me. emotion_drool

Oh well. It's free.
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I donated the majority of items from my old account not too long ago. I'd like to think they're being enjoyed by whomever picked 'em up.
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I just got a Digital Fray. I'll give it to one of my female mules. 3nodding

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