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Namco-Bandai's Tales series.

I want characters' outfits, costume titles included. God damn would I love to have Kratos, Jade, and Hubert's uniforms. emotion_kirakira

But hell, I would still be satisfied even if the CI consisted of only companions. xd Kratos and Jade at my side, yessss....
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Can't purchase it... emotion_eyebrow
Even I can't afford the items with gold lol.

Roar, sponsors.
We're sorry, but due to licensing restrictions this store is only available to users in the U.S. For more information please go here.
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Would I be asking too much if I said a sponsored CI which isn't in Mecha Neko... or more specifically, not US-Only?
I do like that in the announcement, Gaia has put it's usual "Need Gaia Cash?" note that they include at the end of every cash shop announcement, and it specifially mentions outside the US. I realise this is just a general reminder that we can get cash any time, but it's a little annoying when it's a Mecha Neko cash shop item.
Gaia Announcements
Need some Gaia Cash? Stock up online or grab a Cash Card from your local Target, Wal-Mart or 7-11. Outside the U.S.? Get instant Cash via PayPal!
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Ice-Cold Demigod

Alexander Mcqueen.
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Party Animal

The one we just got.

But also Tokidoki or Pokemon.
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Sparkly Fairy

Sailor Moon!
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Noble Bunny

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" An official Pokemon or an Evangelion rig would be nice. "
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Seabook Arno
Pokemon. emotion_kirakira

User Image
User Image

Yeah Pokemon would be the dream. I'd rather something more well know than some obscure anime (Though I did get into Tiger and Bunny because of Gaia xp ) Personally I want Hunter x Hunter really bad or Sword Art Online.
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magi: the labyrinth of magic
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Tiny Shapeshifter

I would mention .hack series, but after thinking about it for a while, their outfits and stuff are pretty garish.
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Durem Champion

TMNT and Pokemon would be up there on my list.
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I really would love a My Little Pony: FiM SIG (sponsored item generator)

That way i could have a little sdplus Rarity and a cute rarity companion! (das my main b***h) emotion_kirakira

I'd love some video game sponsors, not really pick on what, i'm a huge gamer.
But honestly, almost all the SIGs have been pretty crappy imo, i mean other than this one, which barely slipped past my filter of like/dislike

I only like this one because out of all the SIGs that we've had this one has the most versatile of items, even though there aren't many, the ones that have actual poses? yeah they rock, because i can use them without my avatar looking like it is an incomplete cosplay.
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Csilla Silvana
One sponsor RIG I'd die for is a Last Exile RIG, but even with the sequel coming to Blu-ray/DVD soon I doubt the series is popular enough for it to ever happen. crying

There's a sequel to Last Exile?!? eek How did I not know this? scream

Last Exile would be my favorite sponsor, too. heart

I would also like a Harvest Moon sponsor; I would hope for companion cowies and sheepies in Harvest Moon style. whee It could also get us some needed farm implements and farm backgrounds as well as cute farm clothing items.
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My dream sponsor-RIG?

Pokemon. I want RIG-Pet level Pokemon for our avis, and I want them to have 'I Am' poses.
I want starters for all six regions, Eevee, maybe the first-evolution forms of some Psudo-Legendaries.

But yes, I wants them.
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Nicktoons as a whole, especially if they had callbacks to older series. I just want my Ickis companion. Is that too much to ask?

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