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I love the Madoka Magica RIG, it's the first sponsor RIG I've actually been interested int. One sponsor RIG I'd die for is a Last Exile RIG, but even with the sequel coming to Blu-ray/DVD soon I doubt the series is popular enough for it to ever happen. crying

So GCD, what would be your dream sponsor RIG?
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Wedding Peach RIG
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My dream came true today. Other ones I'd love to see would be Nintendo, Square-Enix, Namco-Bandai, and Sega.
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Blizzard games.

I'd give anything for a Sylvanas or an archangel Tyrael set. emotion_kirakira
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DC. Knock-offs are okay, but they'll always be knock-offs...let's get some real superhero noise up in here!
final fantasy generations rig crying
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Pokemon. emotion_kirakira
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Pokemon. emotion_kirakira

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Yu Yu Hakusho or Battle Royale.

Edit: Shoujo Kakumei Utena, InuYasha, Sayonara Zetsubou-Sensei, .hack, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, School Days, Cromartie High School, FLCL, Sailor Moon, and others. There are too many other good anime and the rest to list here.
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It was the Tiger and Bunny one.

Look how ********' great that one went. stare
(s**t. It was s**t)

Like, really ,Studio who'se name I forgot? Only dolls and companions? And make the Kotetsu doll hard as hell to get? You suck. You suck, go die. I never got that Kotetsu doll that I really wanted.

Next up; Legend of Korra! What can you get from LOK? I dunno.
A bear or something...

OH and My Little Pony sponsor so people can really mad and quit Gaia over PONIES.
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In order Studio Ghibli, Evangelion and DBZ.
I'm so psyched we have a shop for anime items now! > biggrin
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Would I be asking too much if I said a sponsored CI which isn't in Mecha Neko... or more specifically, not US-Only?

Edit: More seriously, I'd like one for Sailor Moon. It's an old anime/manga and with it's re-release, it wouldn't be that strange to get one. To make it really interesting thought, we would need items which aren't limited to their Sailor Costumes... and probably some characters outside from the main cast. I think the seasons which would be best to take outfits from are the two last ones thought, but I doubt they would go that far sweatdrop That's sad, because their princesses dresses are so nice looking. Otherwise, Naoko Takeuchi has drawn them some really nice outfits for the artbooks which would looks lovely for our avatars smile
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Sengoku Basara! Funimation has the rights for the anime so I can hope. razz And Funimation has One Piece which would be an amazing and fun RIG (that people would complain about because of the art style, I'm sure). The quality and quantity of male items to come out of both of those could be incredible, if done right.
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Rhino Entertainment, because The Monkees, Sid & Marty Croft, The Beach Boys, The Doors, and so on

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