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Hey Gaians!

Is everyone 5000% excited for a certain show ending today?! Hopefully not, because some of you are much too young to be watching shows like that. Don't do drugs okay kids. Or make them.

5000 i t l l s m i l i r e

Quote found here.

What's this, then?

What it's not:
5000_milliliters Grant Key
5000itllsmilire Grant Key

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Muscular Fatcat

            Ok well, I know it's about Breaking Bad for one thing.

            EDIT: It should be 5000milliliters ? The grant key comes up as "event not active"
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    Maybe we'll get shiny pates with goatees?
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    "...of the crooked timber of humanity...

    Good question! I was just ready for bed, now my mind is in over-drive.

    ...no straight thing was ever made."
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    Kawaii Shoujo

    5000 milliliters?

    that grant key doesn't work for an item, though. say's it's invalid and for an inactive event.
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          I'm so fascinated emotion_kirakira obviously something Breaking Bad themed, but what???
    5000 milliliters?
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    edit: oops, I didn't even think about Breaking Bad. I don't actually watch the show, so... redface
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    Demonic Associate

    I wish I knew.
    I tried the grant key.
    ^ But it doesn't work? x.x
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    Dangerous Strawberry

    Ohh interesting. Wonder what this is gonna give us?
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    Feral Faun

    I hope its sciency or contains a beard emotion_kirakira
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    Went to reapersun's profile. I didn't see anything that could be clicked upon and no one in the comments mentioning a freebie. A Breaking Bad item would be... I dunno, interesting?
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    Muscular Fatcat

    Could this be the beginning of the pre-halloween event? I read somewhere a few days ago that we'd be able to influence the event/hear about how we would influence the event this weekend. Maybe I'm crazy? I can't imagine what else it would be.

              Doubt it.
              Reapersun likes to throw us riddles for free items just to ruffle up GCDs feathers. rofl

              Like with the Sherlock one in Feb
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      Cluttered Hoarder

            Unscrambled, the message should be 5000milliliters.
            It's a reference to a Breaking Bad. Specifically regarding a certain round bottom flask.

            EDIT: Yup, 5000milliliters is indeed the key. Here's your grant link. Rejoice.
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      Popular Sex Symbol

      I saw that and i really confused.

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