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Which NPC do you thinks the cutest? I just wanna hug the little dark elf!
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          He's 800 years old. I'm not *that* big into older men...
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          He's 800 years old. I'm not *that* big into older men...

how do you know that's old for a Dark Elf? hehe

but he is adorable, I like Stein a lot!
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WOah woah now. Don't let his highness hear you say that.
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He'd be cuter if he wasn't a murderous psycopath. If you want an ACTUAL cute child character there's always Peyo.
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I think he's pretty adorable, too. Such a wittle cutey-ooty-wooty-pooty-dooty! *pinches his cute wittle cheeks* 4laugh And with such adorable wittle plans for world domination! whee
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Kanoko, Rina and Rufus are my biggest cuties.
They need to appear in a manga together :3
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Just don't say that when he's in hearing range.
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...I see we all need a reminder on which character Don Kuro is?
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Spoiler alert: He's the 800-year-old mafia boss who has personally ordered murder, property destruction, and tampering with dark forces of the unknown. Possibly with an Oedipus complex to top it all off, and he's a nasty little brat who's losing all sense of humanity (for lack of a better word). And a shitty leader post-insanity, stretching his clan's resources beyond the impossible and kicking reason to the curb to convince himself he has what he wants.

Y'all are tripping if that's what does it for you, and he'd probablyDEFINITELY have you shot for your attitude.

Mustn't let the master be annoyed, mustn't risk anything, must behave...
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Don Kuro's not who I like the most. I prefer Louie and the Club Limbo NPC Friday XIII as my favorites~
Sorry, but he'll never be as cute as Rina to me. talk2hand
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People think that Orcas are cute.
You probably shouldn't ******** with one, though. They're killers.

People think that Hippos are cute and calm.
Too bad they're the #1 cause of animal related human deaths in Africa.

People think that bears and polar bears are cute.
It's kind of ironic that they're killing machines, though.

Some may think that 800 year old men are cute.
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Louie and Stein are probably my favorites. I like Louie's new dapper looking suit.
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There are a lot of words out there to describe Don Kuro.

... Cute really isn't one of them.


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