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I think I remember that layout.
It was so confusing to navigate through...
If Gaia had a option where you could switch between layouts, That would be marvelous
I feel so much nostalgia when I look at that.

I like the current layout much more, though. It's more modern and shiny.
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Okay, that has to be one of the worst site layouts I've ever seen.

Much prefer today.
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I don't miss that layout, but I don't care for the current one much either. I do miss the wing logo, though. I feel like today's Gaia is trying to hard to be something it's not what with the dark purple layout and the modern white Gaia logo. confused
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Keep in mind, folks, that this was a good 8-9 years ago when that specific layout was done. It was actually quite modern and sleek for its era. Now, though, it looks childish, but that may be why I loved it so much. I'm pretty sure this site isn't about being a sophisticated grown-up. Because truly, not many grownups still play with pixel dolls...
(P.S. I *am* an adult playing with pixel dolls. Judge me. I dare you. razz )
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I soo miss that. Thank god they changed it though.

Reminds me of the days when i was a noob.(and underage sweatdrop )
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xd Nope. I like the cleaner look, and I probably never would have joined gaia with so many "anime" things plastered all over it.

Ditto....I actually do not like anime. I never would have joined thinking it was an anime role playing site. That would have sounded incredibly awful to me.
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I do remember that layout... I don't really miss it. But it would be cool if there was an option you could click to view Gaia in that original style xd
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tbh it wasn't as good as many people say it was LOL. There were too many days when it wasn't working, but I do miss the focus on the plot. Also it took them awhile before they put in the friends list which was so helpful xD
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I don't miss the old Gaia.

However I do miss the old community. TAT

People were way more active...outspoken and generally crazier.

I think old GAIA has mellowed out too much for me.

Nothing's really that FUN here anymore.
I'm mostly speaking of the forums XD

M'fear everyone's already on the MMORPG and other areas of the site rather than the forums.
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Hmm... Funny what people are posting... How they miss the old community, not the old Gaia... Interesting how, now, we have neither... Makes you think, eh? cat_rolleyes

Personally, I really miss the focus on Anime the most cat_sad Seriously, the new focus on $h!tty cartoons and pathetic movies, not to mention being coupled by the hypocritically outlandish level of political stupidity one finds on the site nowadays, is downright ghastly User Image

... But that's just my 2gs worth on this subject... cat_stare
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I adore the avatar that won the spotlight for that week. I wonder if they're still active. XD
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Eww do not want

I don't miss old Gaia and I also don't want to miss it. Old is old, it's not coming back ever. For people who want community, go out and find groups you like or make one of your own. It's really not that hard. wink
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I didn't like it at all.
Way too cluttered, and messy.
It looks far more easier, and easier to navigate now!
It has a more modern look.

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