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Show Online Status?

Yes 0.52849740932642 52.8% [ 102 ]
No 0.33160621761658 33.2% [ 64 ]
Friends Only 0.13989637305699 14.0% [ 27 ]
Total Votes:[ 193 ]
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Pengaana's avatar

Kawaii Striker

I display my online status to everybody
I'm not hiding from anybody so I find hiding it a silly thing to do
If you don't wanna seem like a gaia addict and your online all the time, use offline.... My cousin stays up 24/7 playing gaia for gold and his friends thinks he is never on..
Tsulani 's avatar


I like it when I can see that my friends are online, so I do that same courtesy for my friends only.
AliceLoathesWonderland's avatar

Stone-cold Cat

13,500 Points
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Yes, yes i do.
It annoys me though when my friends appear offline >.>
Adephi's avatar

Invisible Student

I show my online status, and I hate it when people hide theirs.
Your online status is an indicator on how fast I can expect a reply/reaction from you.
Torripus's avatar

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I have it so ppl know im online in the zomg forums, just in case the wanna play.
Denham's avatar

Anxious Builder

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        My online status is friends only but even then I leave Gaia open in another page when I'm doing homework, which is always done online or in a compiler, so my friends will try to talk to me and I don't get back to them for like an hour and feel like a jerk. But my friends at least deserve to know when I'm around even if I'm not...really..
        I'm not sure why I don't have it public for anyone to see.
ozimyy's avatar

Victorious Hunter

I like it when people show their online status - not because I like stalking anyone or anything like that, but because if I see they're offline, I'm a lot less likely to PM them or send them gifts (when I see they've got quests in their signatures and stuff).
I keep my status visible because if people want to talk to me for some odd reason and I'm online, I want them to be able to tell I'm online.
Kali Abyss's avatar

Friendly Gaian

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I like to show my online status cause I dont think people give a darn about me xD heart
Abbi Normal's avatar

Tipsy Nerd

Yeah, I've never had a reason to hide from anyone on here. If I were having difficulties, I'd just switch it to friends only. If anyone would need to be able to reach me, it would be them.
RayneJade's avatar

Destructive Glitch

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I hide mine, because it's convenient for avoiding people. :3
Lazarus Larkin's avatar


I don't show mine. Nobody needs to know if I'm online or not.
I Sinistro I's avatar


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  • Vicious Spirit 250
I don't mind that my status is set to "Online"! I love people, and I love talking to people! AND! It makes it easier for my RP buddies and Guildmates (who are also my dearest friends) to know when I'm on and when I'm not! biggrin
And besides, I don't have a reason to turn it off! biggrin
I show mine, It puts me in the hopeful disposition that someone may want to talk to me! MOST times I am on gaia I am baked and/or getting baked so the more people to interact with me- the better smile

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