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Yes 0.52849740932642 52.8% [ 102 ]
No 0.33160621761658 33.2% [ 64 ]
Friends Only 0.13989637305699 14.0% [ 27 ]
Total Votes:[ 193 ]
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Sparkly Shapeshifter


I don't block anything except Friend Requests and Guild Invites since they annoy the hell out of me.

My profile information is limited, so you won't learn a whole lot about me from it. If there are PMs or Comments I don't like, I delete them (until they decided to remove the ability to delete comments. Why the ******** did they do that?). Heck, I don't even care if you know what items I'm wearing. Good luck trying to copy it.

Sometimes, the only way to contact me is when I'm on Gaia, so it's kinda important for people to know I'm here.

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I never do. I used to have a lot of stalkers and people who bothered me, so I decided to stay invisible. Also because I waste way too much time on here...
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Eloquent Shopper

i don't really care if anybody can see mine. online/offline whatever.
Anyone can see when I'm online or offline. I don't have really good friends on here anyways so it's not like anyone is going to stalk me to see where I'm posting.

& Even when I did, I never really saw it as a problem if people saw when I was online. : ) In comparison though, years ago when I frequented msn messenger, I would always hide when I was online because otherwise people would just bombard me with conversations. D:
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Aged Pirate

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Most people wouldn't go outta their way to stalk me, as th' way I see it, If they want me t' see them, or to not see them, or for themselves to be hidden, then so be it.
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Friendly Pumpkin

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Of course I do! I really don't see any reason to hide the fact that you're online. A few people in the RP's I'm in do that, so I'm utterly confused when they post but are offline sweatdrop . No real point in it, anyways. Unless you have a rampant stalker (who would probably stalk regardless of on/offline).
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Sex Symbol

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I keep my status viewable to all, only on very rare occasion do I need to be invisible.
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Sparkly Explorer

I have it offline at all times to all people. There are sooo many times I sign on just to do a quick daily chance and have people sending me messages to chat and stuff (nowadays) or sending me PM's like "Hey you're online now soo...." stuff like that. I have a ton of real life people on my friends list and it's just kinda annoying.
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Fluffy Wolf

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Online. I don't really care if people see what my status is. It is kinda creepy that people can "join me in forums" if they're on their my Gaia page. I wish there was an option to just disable that feature. I don't want people to know exactly where I'm posting. My younger sis who was new to gaia spam posted in a thread that was totally not for random chatting XD
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Mine is set to off because back in the day I had an annoying stalker that would PM bomb me with 20+ messages of of "hey" "hey where are you" and increasingly creepier / downright harassing if I did so much as appear online for a moment. It was creepy as all hell. So hidden I went, and hidden I'll stay.
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Bashful Exhibitionist

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I show my online status to everyone. If I'm in a heated argument though I'd turn it off partly to discourage the other person from bothering me.
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Shy Gaian

The only time I ever turned mine off was during that damn Halloween event where people would attack me while I was online and not fighting.
I keep mine on all the time though; I could kinda care less.
I guess it doesn't really matter to me.

I think mine is hidden, but I'm usually never on.
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Shameless Conversationalist

Mine shows when I'm online. I don't really care about being sneaky.
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Ruthless Raider

My status always shows online unless I don't feel like being "stalked" in the flash worlds. I'll usually offline it then. Other then that I don't mind people seeing that I'm on.

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