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Show Online Status?

Yes 0.52849740932642 52.8% [ 102 ]
No 0.33160621761658 33.2% [ 64 ]
Friends Only 0.13989637305699 14.0% [ 27 ]
Total Votes:[ 193 ]
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zweet_dreamz's avatar

Kawaii Phantom

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I have mine off...but it's more because I wanted to toy around with the status.
Anyone can tell if I am online anyway if they see the time when I reply to a post.
Bea Lavesa's avatar

Liberal Scrooge

I never really understood that thing. Hiding in such a manner always seemed to me like being close to some mild Internet paranoia. What's there to hide, really? On occasion everyone needs some privacy, I understand, but even so, how many even look at others' online statuses? Maybe I'm a minority not to; I only monitor some of my friends every now and then if I want to catch their attention but they're just a handful and I'll probably have a general idea of their presence in any case. Also, I have somehow gotten the idea that Gaia's online indicators are just barely accurate, but if there's any actual truth to that I've yet to determine. What I know for sure is that the online face is much merrier than the offline one. Keep that in mind before you decide to show permanent offline status! cool
yes I have my online status shown
TwinklePrincessBoo's avatar

Salty Sex Symbol

User Image

I let everyone see me, I don't have anything to hide. wink
Mine's set to off. I don't like the idea of people being able to see what I'm doing and when. It's kinda creepy to think somebody could be seeing when I'm around.
Xiam's avatar

Anxious Humorist

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The only people who can even check my online status are my friends or people who see my posts on the forums, who are only able to send me a PM or something. What would be the point of hiding?
The Prince Soubi's avatar

Beloved Foe

want art?
User ImageUser Image
♥ ♥

I'm always online. Because I'm always online.
And when I leave to eat or go out, my gaia page is still up. It's not like people PM me or
something. And if they do, too bad. Deal with not getting a reply super fast.

the rats in the c e l l a r you know who you are
Sabin le Rose's avatar

Shameless Enabler

To be honest I don't even know how to turn it off.
I just can't possible see any rhyme or reason to turn it off.

People might stalk me...er. Good for them? Let them waste their lives stalking some random person on the internet.

Seeing when I'm online?
They can do that just as easily by looking at the timestamp of when I post. So....not much loss there.
User Image

Mine is visible. I have no enemies or stalkers (that I'm aware of...),
so I don't really see the point in hiding it.

User Image
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Festive Hunter

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i allow mine to be seen because i use the market thread forum alot
Lollipop Sophie's avatar

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mine set so everybody knows I'm online smile
just to be friendly and nice!
Stop Dont Believin's avatar

Gallant Knight

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Nope. When people ask, I tell them they'll know when I'm online when I reply to them. But really I'm just ashamed for people to know how much time I spend at my computer...
final_anime_kingdom's avatar

Cluttered Shopper

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  • Invisibility 100
Mines always on unless I forget to turn it back on.
The only time I turn it off is when I still want to stay online for a little while longer, but I want to avoid something or someone.
link freak131's avatar

Fashionable Lunatic

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User ImageUser Image

I have it set so everyone sees my status.

I especially like seeing if other people are online or not, that way I can sort of expect whether I'll a fast response from them, or if I may have to wait awhile. Especially if it's in a role play or discussion.
Vitalli's avatar

Dangerous Hunter

Usually yes, i do have it so everyone can see me online.
But if Im either avoiding certain people, or just feel like being left alone then I go invisible.


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