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Show Online Status?

Yes 0.52849740932642 52.8% [ 102 ]
No 0.33160621761658 33.2% [ 64 ]
Friends Only 0.13989637305699 14.0% [ 27 ]
Total Votes:[ 193 ]
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I like knowing when someone I'm chatting to is online or offline and I figure that they probably feel the same. So I keep my status open for anyone to see.
I do stray away from Gaia for long periods of time sometimes, but whateverrr.
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Wheezing Wench

Doesn't bother me if people stalk me so I leave it on. In fact I'd be flattered if someone liked me enough to stalk everything I do. haha
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Perfect Pumpkin

I leave the status visible, because that's what it's there for?
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Chic Bear

I used to show my online status but then had to change it since I became busy, went afk a lot this week, and took sudden naps. sweatdrop
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I sell stuff, so I leave it visible, so people know when to send me trades and such.
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I had it off for a long while, recently switched it to on.
Since there was a thread in which I wanted people to know I was online.
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More like why would I keep it on? :V It's not like I have any reason to turn it off so why would I?
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Tradition. I haven't changed that setting since '05. <<;;
My status is visible. I'd like people to know when I'm online or not.. ^^
I might be afk sometimes but, not much you can do to inform others about that until we get an "afk" status thingy.
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Available to all.
'Cause I can't think of any enemies i might have, or any people I might want to hide from on this site.
And besides which, I'm logged into this site as long as my computer is up, which is almost all the time, so an "away" symbol would be a much better way to actually track me...
Yeah, why not.
I find it slightly annoying to not know if people are online or not (not frothing at the mouth annoying, just slightly annoyed) so I let people see if I'm online or not. P:

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Tipsy Man-Lover

I show my online status to everybody. The reason I come on Gaia is because I like interacting with people in this medium.
Hiding the fact that I'm online seems like a ridiculous thing to do in that case, and really I could never understand why anyone would.
I keep it hidden, because sometimes when I say I'm leaving, I end up staying on for a while afterward, and I don't want people thinking I just said that so they'd leave me alone or anything.
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set as invisible to ERRYBODY,
i hate this 'obligation' to reply to everything right away =__=;
especially when i go AFK and leave the computer on~~

cos i did use to have a problem with people going;
"oh, luz is online~ *PMs* ... *waits* ... GRR Y R SHE IGNORING MEEEE scream "

there were also several girls in the past who'd message me SECONDS after i'd log in
it would always go like this:
-->they try to start a 'conversation'
-->same s**t everyday
-->("how r u." "fine, you?" "nm, bored lol" )
-->ask for 'help' on their quests aka big donations
-->me: //signs off

and, like LabTech Kestin said ^
sometimes i have to leave and plan on leaving~~
but can't help but stay like an hour longer doing something else =v=;
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I can't even remember.

If it is on friends only, then I have no idea why I did that.

I forget I do things a lot of the time. I'll get quotes from people in threads I don't remember, let alone remember posting in.

Edit: Apparently I'm offline. I'm not.

What I find amusing is that if you just leave your computer at a logged in screen of Gaia, Meebo will continue to work even if it's been hours and you appear offline even to your friends.

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