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Halloween '06 is the first one I remember.. unless we had a summer one that year and I don't recall it.
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My first event... Well I joined Gaia around the time of the Orchid Pins, and Von Helson broaches. That was 2007 right? I believe before the Halloween vampires first appeared on Gaia... I cannot recall if there was an event before that Halloween or not, but all I can remember is that Halloween. I fought for the Humans.

So that is the first event I remember doing. smile
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My first event was the 2003 Christmas one, which probably wouldn't even count as an event these days, but I still enjoyed logging in and finding a Santa Hat in my inventory.

I guess the 1st Gaia Anniversary was my first proper event, which was actually pretty neat. I remember the admins having quite a few little surprises during that, including every avatar from a page showing up in the header. Best of all, no stupid progress bars to fill during those.
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I think my first even that I actively participated in was Grave Danger. I remember all the mystery surrounding the shadow figure and who it was. There were a lot of people the thought it was J. Gambino before it was reveled to be the grave keeper.
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My first was Gaia's 2007 Christmas event with the orphans. I actually didn't do very well in that event since I was a noob and had no idea what I was doing. My 9-10 year old little sister at the time was richer and better at gaia then I was then. xd She got all the nice stuff from that event and all I got was a scarf and sweater. sweatdrop
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My first event? Summer '07. FREAKING AWESOME.

It was a good event to have as a first event. emotion_dowant
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I think my first event i actually participated in was Easter 2007
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Halloween '05. n___n
you know, back when the map was actually interactive and there was plot continuity.
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the 04 ball.
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Halloween 05 with the grunny event.
I joined in August of 2004, so my first even was Halloween 04.
Oh man, was that whole event a mess. blaugh It was amusing in its own way, and watching that missile slowly creep its way towards the mansion throughout the day was exciting.

It probably was a bit glitchy
I'm sorry, I'm not sure I heard that properly. Are you sure you didn't mean to say PANTSPANTSPANTSPANTSPANTSPANTSPANTSPANTSPANTSPANTSPANTSPANTSPANTS?
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Christmas 2005 biggrin
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Easter 2004!

I loved hunting for eggs around the site as I posted
made gaining gold even more fun since there was something else to do while posting.
though the items arent the prettiest even items, I adore them all the same (bunny hat <3)

It pretty much made me fall in love with the site so Easter is always the event I hold dear to my heart.
I will always be on Easter Bunny's side.
Diedrich can not have the holiday, it isn't his!
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I joined in November 2006 but I can't remember taking part in the 2k6 Christmas. cat_sweatdrop I guess I wasn't really very active in the events until later.

I do, however, remember Valentine's 2007 clearly. Collected many Labu Necklaces. So there's that.

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