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yes mine was the 2009 vday event 4laugh i loved the lollypops <3 i joined on feb 8, 2009, so xD
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The first event, major to me, was the Gaia Prom. I miss that event though.
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Christmas in '09. I wasn't active in my first two years (joined in '07). I enjoyed it because almost everyone was nice to me. I had a great time in zOMG! with my sisters and my friends.
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I do not remember my first event, but I distinctly remember the Grombie event. I was determined to get my Grombie skin so I was post bombing all high level infectee's threads. I think I got blocked by at least 100 people that week, lol.
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Events used to be so amazogly bad. The grumble event was just so absolutely terrible I never even really attempted to go through it.

You had to get the post under a specific person, now think about how hard that is.

And honestly, I didn't even know what I was supposed to do for the zurg invasion.
It was the x mas 2008 event. I miss collecting presents in Towns 1/original. cat_sad I do not really recollect the memory.

Unless it was a cheer tree or something.

I do not have a favorite specific year event. cat_sweatdrop
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My very first event was the St. Patrick's Day event 07'.
However the one I remember first was The Black Magical Giftbox

I still have one of those gift boxes xD
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my first event was the 2004 olympics!
i was rooting for moira to win the race * u * also getting excited over shirts that turned out to be pretty crappy, haha.
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I remember when zOMG was still a rumor. I've watched three different 'starter' locations and methods too. In fact, I still want to know the story behind the mystery conductor that was on the train. I think he was a Labtech in disguise.
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Just thought of another event that I enjoyed; The Cheer Machine. I got rid of all my 'junk' items and got new items at the same time!
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My first event was Halloween '06.
And since I'd joined on the 18th of the same month, I had no idea what was happening.
I remember beating up cows.
I didn't know why.
I just figured everyone hated cows.
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I believe my first event was the one where we donated to Gambino to rebuild his home, which ended up as a giant tower.
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The first event I remember doing was Halloween 2005. That one sucked after a while due to dicks saying that you were not allowed on their threads if you didn't have so many points, many blocked people with lower scores and some even reported.

I joined in January of 2005, and I believe there was an Easter event that year, just don't remember it. All I remember from that year was Halloween.
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Despite the fact I joined mid-2006, I oddly don't remember doing the Zurg events. I actually had to go and look on the Gaia Wikia to remember those. What was going on I think was that I was still a newbie and just kinda going with the flow. Not to mention that I was graduating high school right around when I joined Gaia, so RL was more interesting.

The first event I DO remember was Summer 07. biggrin That was so much fun, and I still have my Durem shirt and banners from that year. blaugh I remember working really hard to fill our longbow, and having lots of team spirit. I believe it was also during that time I had my 'original 4' accounts (this one and my three oldest mules) because I wanted to be on every team. XD
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My first was Halloween '07. I remember having so much fun with my friends at the time in the forums. That's really all I remember from the events that year though. I don't even remember the Xmas event!

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