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Mine was the zurg event, I think. 3nodding I used to frequent Towns allll the time back in those days, so suddenly seeing UFO's was like HORY s**t!
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Goodness, that was a long time ago. I suppose my first 'event' was the first time I got a (at the time) fabled Pink Link. Pink glow around a link to somewhere else? I wanted to tell everyone around me, I was so excited, not that anyone would have known what I was talking about. I can't even remember how much it was for. It certainly was an event for me.
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I've been here a long time, and I think my favorite event was the changing of the site web-address from go-gaia to gaiaonline, although the adding of Durem and Aekea was a pretty big deal.
I also remember when Ian's hair was yellow and the first layer-able items. And the introduction of poses. And the introduction of the fishing game. I could go on and on....
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I was rarely online during the holiday events, so I think the first event I participated in was... the summer water balloon fight? When was that? I also distinctly remember playing the "wash Liam's abs" minigame for one of the rejected olympics and hoping that my parents wouldn't come upstairs and see me playing it. rofl
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I don't remember my very first event...
I think it was the... ZURG event. But I rarely remember it.
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I consider the Zurg event my first event despite the fact I was there for the Zombies and Grombies (still have my skin), just because the Zurg event was the first one I got really involved with. (Still a Hiver too biggrin )
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My first event was the 2004 Halloween event when they first introduced G-Corp and the zombie skin that I'm wearing now. I thought it was pretty cool and it's probably what made me stay here on Gaia. The funnest event on Gaia was the Zurg event. I just loved how people got so involved and two girls who played Gaia were actually in one of the comics. I miss running after UFO's in towns.
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i joined during the halloween 2006 event. i didn't know what was going on, so my first event was christmas 2006. getting a watermeat and collecting items. it was really weird, and i had no clue what was going on. i didn't understand why there was a cat (rufus) taking care of a shop, but it was really cute. xd
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My first event was Halloween 04, but the most memorable event was when I became a Grombie. I still remember I tried to evolve into the final form, but failed due to the lack of time.

In the end, I'm glad I didn't change completely.
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Easter 2004 when I came back to Gaia

Bunni and chick hats

People hated these things soooooooo much it wasn't bunny. Everyone expected something a long the lines of the slippers of 03 xd
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Halloween 2008.
Hysteria. Good one.
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Halloween 2k4.
I wanted to be a zombie forever. I lost the skin. Became a grombie.
2k10: Zombie all over again. whee
I was still getting used to the site when my first event came around. I think I was just happy to receive free items.
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Don't remember the name of the event exactly.
I remember obtaining the G-Pin from it though in the first-half of 2004.
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