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Hmm... I think so! Halloween 2003. Just a simple little event. I collected a shitton of candy corn hats and traded my jacked up shirt to Lluvia Maya for another. xd I think I made my first decent amount of gold from those hats, back when they still had some value to them.
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My first event was the Gaia prom 08,after that it was the Olympics. Sad that Gaia only made two prom events. sweatdrop
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halloween 09 was my first, and i liked it
although i thought i got hacked when my boo skin changed aha
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Mine was Halloween 2008. Loved that event! ^_^
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Halloween 05. There was lag and the website would crash sometimes. I was half way of getting my Grombie Skin.
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I honestly don't remember at all. I think I was kind of.. uh..
paying attention during that.. uh.. rich camp thing? I have no idea actually..
I lied, I didn't pay attention at all to that. I was confused that whole time.

I remember the Halloween event of 2009. And the first Golden Egg thing
in zOMG too.. whichever of those came first is what I actually actively
participated in. Both were fun! I distinctively remember the Christmas
even with Sen and Overseer too.. I remember because my desktop
at the time was riddled with viruses and on it's last limb.. and I'd go on
Gaia on my sister's laptop which loaded the Christmas flash bits so
incredibly slow. XD

the rats in the c e l l a r you know who you are
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Gosh, the very first 'event' or something that I remember was.... either Ian's trial? No no, wait...I think I remember something before that. Like Gino and the Von Helson twins...and Johnny getting shot. But I don't really remember much of what happened, honestly.

I wasn't really full out into events when those happened. I think my big time participating ones came much later. Can't remember the very FIRST though.
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The first event I remember having is the Halloween '06 event (I joined in May '06, but I don't remember a summer event or anything). I loved it! Zapping and probing and all that good stuff. I enjoyed the Zurg storyline very much, and I'd never seen anything like that before on a forum.
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I joined on Christmas of '06 and I remember going "WTF is going on with a Cow and Santa..."

It was quite the introduction to Gaia.

Friends all cajoled me to join, funny thing is I'm the only one still playing on Gaia
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My first...thinks back... the 06 Halloween event Vlad vs everyone eals, I was for Vlad because I was always a vampire lover.
ow well cant remember wait was that the 06 event or 07???
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Cheery Friend

My first event was Valentines 2k7 with the infamous infinite Labu necklaces haha. The first big event for me was the Summer Water balloon fight in 2007.
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Desirable Ladykiller

christmas 2007? all I did was caroling LOL
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Tricky Treasure

I guess it would have been the 2004 Olympics event, which I remember absolutely nothing about other than getting those horrible boxy t-shirts. I'm not even so sure it was an event, it might have just been a "TAKE THESE UGLY SHIRTS" deal.
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Halloween '05.

No event has sucked so much.
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I joined around the time of the first anniversary. I didn't really involve myself in the event, though...

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