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The kissing event was my first event. I joined the day after Christmas, and I remember just being so weirded out by everything.

Then to get kissed by people with really strange names on top of it...
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User ImageMy first event was when the zurg detected the Gambino explosion. That was just a manga release, but I thought it was pretty exciting. So my first big event was H2k6. I loved hanging out in Towns waiting for UFOs and Ron Bruise to show up.

You can't go back again. v_v
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I vaguely remember the Valentines 2k7 event but only because I still have some of the items. But the first event I really participated in was Prom Crashers in 2007.
I was a dark elf back then and iII had a whole outfit and I even bought a companion for it.
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I forget what year it was, but it was the Halloween event where Louie was first introduced, the one with the vampire skin and the death of Valdimir Von Helson and the Louie-Moira stuff. It was fantastic and it really helped me fall in love with Gaia.
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I joined back in 2007 and I believe I did the Halloween event then, but I can't really remember. I know I did the Christmas event, but I can't remember what the event was for that year. sweatdrop
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I think the first one I actually participated in was the grombie halloween event.

Ugly times.
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My first event was the 04 zombie event.

It will always hold a special place in my heart. The set up was just awesome. Along with the items.

I still regret not getting the zombie lab jacket
Halloween '06 with explosion and zurgs...Oh, that was the event! :D
Though my memories may be affected by all the enthusiasm that I put into the event xD
I remember a polish thread being there moving like crazy. I needed to check page by page to see whether I got qoted xD
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I remember a decent chunk of them. My first ever was Christmas 2003 with the giant donation tree in the middle of the world map and so many slippers that came into existence after that User Image
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My first event was the 2008 summer event - the first Rejected Olympics. Haven't changed my sig since. mrgreen
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Oh man. I'm... not sure what my first event was. I think I joined in 2004, but the event I remember the strongest was the event where all the Labtechs had journals, and they all started mysteriously disappearing... Nothing beat that. I'm a sucker for a story : P
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OH MAN I remember the first event i ever did very well. It was the 2008 Rejected Olympics.
I have soo many favorite events, though. I really liked Easter 2009 or 2010, I think 2009? Whenever the Pink Bunny Slippers came out, but I only liked it for the slippers, all the Easter events are pretty similar I think. I also totally loved that one with the air ship, OMG that was by far my favorite and it makes me mad that I can't remember which one that was. Was that the one when the BOO skin came out??? Man, I don't even remember. I also really liked the bomber event, that was another favorite though I don't really know why.

But overall Easter events are my favorites, I look forward to them every year. The Easter event and the madlibs for Valentines are generally the only events I actually really get excited about and kinda countdown to. I generally don't look forward to Halloween or Christmas events because it seems too tedious to have to go from shop-to-shop and all over the place in Towns, but I do look forward to all the NPC's dressing up for Halloween. <33
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Christmas 2008
I dont remember much but I enjoyed the event in zOMG
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Yes, I remember. 3nodding

Once upon a time, almost 10 years ago, I joined Gaia. Very soon after that, when I was browsing Gaia one Sunday (I was a huge S&F lurker for several years), I saw something new and very surprising: A striped egg was slowly bouncing across the screen! eek I clicked on it! I was given a choice of Bunnies or Chickies, and I chose Bunnies~! heart

I still have those and will never let them go. Easter is also still my favorite event on Gaia. User Image
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I think my first event was the 2k4 Olympics. It didn't really involve anything, but I was going through my "I <3 edgy" phase and rooted for Moria.

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