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My very first event was the Olympics 2k4. Was cheering for Moira and Edmund the whole time. I remember watching their cute little sprites move across the maps. Very simple event, like for real. I don't think we did anything but watch them run through the map. Lol
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Oh, I really remember it smile
It was the 2009 Valentine's event. It was fun sending letters to NPCs the similiar way as at this current V-Day event and got a sack item (into game tab of inventory) which contained a reply and their V-Day picture and picture link, and if I recall correctly, I didn't always receive it, depending on what words I used in your letter sent to them (my memories about that a bit blurry though). It was fun, I really loved those pictures, even though I barely knew some of the NPCs back then. I joined few weeks before the event.
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my first event was the summer water balloon fight. I remember creating mules for that event just so that I could get all the towns shirts free. I still have those shirts.
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my first event that I was a part of was Halloween 2k5. I was really too new to the whole concept so I let things go without realizing what I was truly missing. By the time Christmas 2k5 had come around, I didn't let it go to waste. I wore the Mashmallow snowman for over two years without taking it off.
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{My first event was the 2k7 water balloon fight! I was Team Durem all the way, my brother too. It was a damn fun event.}
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Hmmmm... although I've been a member for ages I didn't have the internet at home back then, it was a Saturday public library thing... so my first proper event was probably X-mas.... 2006??
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My first event was halloween 2k5. I guess I liked the event other than the event forum. Everyone was hurrying trying to get the skin and it wasn't fun. I stopped posting there after I got my grunny sweater and slippers.

I liked following the comic update in the GCD though. I loved the plot back then.

Trick or treating was fun too. My main memory of that though was the pants glitch. So many pants.
The water balloon fight. I remember it was so exciting and I didn't want to leave for work XD
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My first event was Halloween 2003 where we could collect all of the candies to get the jack items. I had a dial up connection and it was so laggy for me to try to collect them that I just gave up on it after awhile. I didn't get any of the items during that event, since I quit after waiting such a long time for everything to load. Yup, good old Gaia. xd
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My first event was Christmas 2007. I can't really remember what happened other than I can recall going around shops getting items. sweatdrop
It was during the phase where I knew nothing about Gaia and pretty much just played the games all the time.
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The 2003 halloween event. <3 It was glitchy and the forums went down like five times in the hour I was online.
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yum_pie yum_pie yum_pie
I joined sometime in February of 2007, but the first event I remember actually participating in was the Summer 2k7 event haha. I only played for like a day. I was so confused lmao
Halloween 2k7 tho emotion_dowant
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I think it was the water balloon fight for me lol. that was crazy. I remember a glitch that caused one team to have an insane amount of points for some reason? idk. I liked the event a lot though XD
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undefinednot really, but 2010 was a blur for me most of the time.undefined
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I joined during 2007's Christmas event. xd

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