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My first event was Halloween 2005. I don't remember much from it (besides grombies and grunnies) since back then, I ambled around aimlessly.
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The year was 2004, the date? Umm... December something.
The event? Christmas. You had to go around and collect different presents from all the different shop keepers via an overly complicated caroling system. And when they opened they became the Spirited set.

It was awesome.
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ZUUUUUUUUUUUUURG... Needed that PROMISED Flarn skin...
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The First Gaian Anniversary Ball 4laugh
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The first event I remember participating in was Halloween '03, if that counts as an event!

Throughout October, you got a paper bag for spending x gold at the shops (I forget how much), so of course I spent all my gold trying to collect bags for my head...and then trick-or-treating was only on the actual day of Halloween. My computer was laggy and I also wanted to go out IRL, so I only collected 2 grab bags from Jack. It was super exciting opening them up to see what I got from randomly collecting candies!
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The forum event of the grunny/grombie invasion. For most threads you had to have X amount of grunnies to post there. I floated around the open threads to not only gain grunnies but also to allow others with a lower count to post under me.

Back then I was super busy with school and the computer was in my brother's room so I wasn't able to get on it all too often. Though if I could have I would have started a lot of my own topics.
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My first event was the Halloween Grunny event of '05. 3nodding
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My first event was the masquerade ball with The Masque, I THINK. I was so new I had no idea which way was up.
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My 1st event would be the April Fool's event last year, I guess. sweatdrop

I didn't even know what I was supposed to do. I kept clicking those huge faces.
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I missed a few events so Halloween 05 is the first I remember...

...when they site went laggy as ******** and you couldn't do ANYTHING! scream
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I joined right in the middle of the Halloween 2k6 event, though I don't remember much of it. I was still learning the ropes of the site at that time razz
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My very first event was the Olympics 2k4. Was cheering for Moira and Edmund the whole time. I remember watching their cute little sprites move across the maps. Very simple event, like for real. I don't think we did anything but watch them run through the map. Lol

ahaha NOW I remember it! Didn't Edmund get distracted by Ruby's boobs and got stalled for like, a half an hour?
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x-mas 2007... I really don't remember what it was. I may have done the caroling and..uh.. that's pretty much it sweatdrop If it had some other theme or item thing going on, I didn't pay any attention to it.
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And now I have a new event to remember! ^_^
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The first event I ever really participated in was Ian's trial, because a friend told me I absolutely HAD TO participate. The memory is super fuzzy, but I know I participated. sweatdrop

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