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With the return of the B.O.O skin I was reminded at how fun the 2009 Halloween event was and how it was something of a cop-out at the end thanks to Jack.

But also with the return of the skin it reminded me of the first Event I took part in when joining Gaia: The city wide Water Balloon Fight for the Summer 2007 event. Which for me ranks as one of the best events along side the Halloween 2009 and Easter 2011 events.

So GCD, while riding the wave of past Event memories do you remember which was the first Event you actually participated in on Gaia and do you even remember if you liked it or not?

And also what do you look for or dread about this years upcoming Events?
Man, i've been on since 2003 but i joined in Dec so my first event was the christmas event in 2003. I liked it since Gaia was still an RP site and it was free items xP

-edit- forgot i was posting on my mule lol

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I remember the Halloween event on 2003 being rather laggy. I can't remember too much other than struggling to get the candy combinations to get some of the items.

I remember feeding the tree tons of items to get Christmas Charity Gifts curding Christmas 2003, though. I still have a handful of those hoarded.
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I think mine was Halloween 2006, but I honestly couldn't remember. I didn't become too active till 2009 XP
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I think the first event I actively participated in was Halloween '05. 3nodding
It probably was a bit glitchy, but plenty of people and plenty of event forum festivity spam.
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I joined about four days before Valentine's day in 2008... so there was that. I was so confused!

Joining right around an event is really quite exciting, actually. It was one of the reasons I stuck around. The site felt really fun and active!
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The first event I participated in was the 2007 Christmas event. I thought it was really, really fun. whee
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My first event was the Halloween of 2003-- I was a wee newblet and had no idea what was going on, the shops were giving out these shitty refurbished sheets and everyone was going crazy trading them and hoarding. XD;; I sure wish I stocked up on the actual Halloweeny items themselves.
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My first event was also the summer water festival of 07. I remember not wanting to participate because I thought you had to post sooo many times to get the t-shirts, and also thinking 5000g was a lot. I did participate in a couple water fights in towns though. ^_^
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My first event that I actively paid attention to and participated in was Halloween 2k4. The event was trick or treating and a forum, and only trick or treating and a forum. It was more than enough for us at the time.

I have never once been disappointed by an event, except for that recent minigame that required you click the owls or whatever. I just opted out of that, though. I love the events, I love wing stickers, I think these events are a total riot.
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My very first event was the St. Patrick's Day event 07'.
However the one I remember first was The Black Magical Giftbox
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My first event was waaaaaaaaaaaaay back in '04. It was the end of October. Halloween. I had gotten outta school early, as per usual here on that holiday, and had decided to hop onto the computer to enjoy my newly found favorite site, prior to trick or treating IRL. I'd only been on gaia for about a month.

I don't remember much, other than running around the maps looking for bags/Jack. I really didn't have any idea what I was doing. Then I saw there was something going down at the Gambino mansion. Something strange was going on. There was a huge amount of lag, Gaia kept crashing on me, but whatever. I'd noticed some button that said "Bite".... so then I'd try to run around and bite people. Sadly, that event was glitched for me- I had never gotten the original zombie skin, nor any of the items. Not that I had a lot of time anyway, a few hours then my mom got home and we went to ToT'ing. I'd hoped I could continue the next day, but that event had only lasted 24 hours. By the time I got out of school the next day, it was already over. crying
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My first event was the Valentines event in 2006, I don't really remember much though. I do remember the Halloween event that year being quite good.
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My first event that I clearly remember is the 06' Halloween event. The reason I say remember is because I joined in July but don't know if there was any events after that before Halloween.
It was a hassle in the beginning, as humans outnumbered the vampires, but they soon made a decent way for people to get both set of items and have fun without having to resort to mules.

Those poor poor vampire developers, never stood a chance. emo
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Halloween 07 was my first one. I don't remember much but it was the first event that had human vs. Vampires. I was on the human side.

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