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Bacon Mints
I do it still, But only when I'm bored. I do miss the flashy lights of the last version. "oooo shiny..*click*"

your arena avi is awesome.

anyway to the topic
I till use it when I remember to click it.

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I used to do it everyday, but sometimes I forget. Actually, It kinda annoys the hell out of me. I like the new look for it though.
I do it because I can't refuse free stuff, no matter how worthless it is. Also, I'm an optimist, so I think to myself "okay, maybe this will be Fairy Wings!". D: But it's never going to happen...
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    Even if it is cheap stuff, it's free. I might as well take it.
    So, yes, I do use the Daily Chance.

    (Random note: I love the new look of it. The little machine is adorable~!)
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I do it if I happen to be going to that page but I don't really bother to finish the job every day sometimes not really worth the trouble I did however do it every time I got on before the change but its not as obvious so I don't bother as much.
I do, once in a while you get a nice item like rare inks and slightly pricey items. Besides, all 1500 of my game tokens have not been bought thanks to DC rofl
Yes. of course I do. Gold is a very god thing and so I try to win some with the daily chance!!!!
haha yes, I could never pass down free stuff.
Even if it's just a flower.
I do it every chance I get. Can't pass up free stuff. I can usually get at least 800g worth of gold and items every day.
I do...every item counts! (Even if it's trash! hehehe^_^)
I still do it for free stuff. As long as its free, I'll take it.
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I do, every day. It's gold every day, and sometimes some bugs and even some inks. It may not be massive amounts of stuff but, it's nice. And I love the new look. Once it turns midnight gaia time, I go collect it and then go off to bed or whatever.
I do, just to make it go away, seriously I don't need 5 more gold, it's a waste, should just have one daily chance and should be something nice, like 100-200 gold, or a fancey item, maybe make exclusive items you can only get from the chance.
(" wink _(" wink KisamexItachi: Canon Love <3

I love DC and I still use it <333
But I often forget to go looking for it :C
I want candeh :3 (" wink _(" wink
the get me gold..

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