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I customize or decorate my:

Car (s) 0.172 17.2% [ 43 ]
Home 0.144 14.4% [ 36 ]
Both my car(s) and home 0.364 36.4% [ 91 ]
Neither of the two 0.32 32.0% [ 80 ]
Total Votes:[ 250 ]
This poll closed on November 19, 2012.
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In my main account i have both customize but not with expensive items, i donĀ“t like waste goold on that
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Dangerous Dabbler

I have a regular size house with some cheap but nice enough black and brown furniture. I didn't want to spend too much, but I did do it up again about a year ago. Actually, this topic makes me want to go and just look in The Gyrfalcon's Nest again, I haven't been in Towns proper in months and months. crying
I remember being so annoyed that all the houses were already taken back before they expanded Towns again.

My car, by contrast, is a Possum with a ninja bobbly wotsit and a side wing decal, and nothing else. I never use it.
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Sparkling Victory

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I hate racing in Rally, but I still like to sit on my car.
Well....it's a pirate ship. But I love having a ship.

As for my home, for a while I had it really decorated. Since Towns freezes and makes my computer spaz out every time I go, I don't go to Towns anymore. Plus, my house is in the middle of nowhere in towns.
Spooky Soubi's avatar

Dapper Lover

I used to customize my house all the time. But then it started to not open and freeze and I have not customized it in over a year or two. -sad-
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Aged Elder

No car. No home. Don't care.
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I just got an UFO and customized it for the heck of it. I like it, not sure if I'd use it much just wanted to upgrade my ride. :]
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Spooky Soubi

I used to customize my house all the time. But then it started to not open and freeze and I have not customized it in over a year or two. -sad-

I've hear a lot of people are having the same problem. I can open my home but sometimes after I decorate it, it won't save.
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I customized my car a long time ago, back when Rally and cars were first implemented. Now I don't do anything to it.

I haven't decorated my house for 3 years. It still has a traditional/modern Japanese style to it.
I'm not that creative to decorate my house& didnt bother to see it for like a year >_>
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I decorate my house on my ex-main account. Even placed once!
Not on this account though, since I'd rather spend mein geld on items.

Unless I win the Gold Lotto there's no way I'm going to spend time and gold on my car.
Not to mention my fear of the rally and the soulless Gaians there...
User Image
the 'conversation' went on for another few sentences. The girl left by the time I decided to screen shot it though.
Thank Yevon for that?
I decorate my house on Gaia, but I've never bothered with the Automobile feature. For some reason, the car thing just felt like an utter waste of time. I haven't really messed with my house in a while due to the limits of what's available in the Faktory and the utter incompleteness of the sets makes it almost impossible to design it the way I would like.

You already know my feelings on the housing issue.
sweatdrop I keep butting in and being obnoxious in your petition.
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Hardcore Star

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Yeah, my house has pretty much the same furniture I bought when houses were released. xd I've added some things over the years, but it hasn't changed much really.

My car, it's a Pirate Ship cause Pirates are awesome. pirate
Tiina Brown's avatar

Friendly Athlete

Spooky Soubi

I used to customize my house all the time. But then it started to not open and freeze and I have not customized it in over a year or two. -sad-

I've hear a lot of people are having the same problem. I can open my home but sometimes after I decorate it, it won't save.

I recently had that problem when i was about to enter my house in the Arena .........
I started decorating my car, 'cause it looked crap, i want things to look good.
Noticed that what i bought didn't fit the basic car ......
I have wasted a lot there ......i'm only really comfy with my saucer (the UFO), and the kiki is thus far still a waste, but promising.
And i would STILL prefer an MotorCycle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! over most cars any day.

To me, the "Rally" is a waste of time and space, and it is a Street Race, not a Rally!
It's Parking lot, though, i quite ok for showing off and some socializing.
...... I think the latest drive, the one that resulted in this Thread, is a fail, cause it has mainly resulted in people overcrowding the Parking Lot, in massive pursuit of the Gold to be had .......

The Houses is something different for me, though:
I feel it is so much easier to understand, and usually, you get what you see!
I started out with the won items, but once i decided to really add what i liked, i noticed, that there weren't enogh space!!? And that was after uppgrading the space as much as was possible!
I'm another one who comes from the "Petition for a larger house ..." Thread, and just like Jenalei, i have added a lot of comments, frequently.
And yes, my house is also in the middle of nowhere, as it seems, and feels, and probably also is.
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Well u know me wink also from petition thread,

I'm not like most ppl - n that's literally in all sense of the word; pls refer to my profile if u dk what I mean? - being a minority is nothing new to me, lol. I haven't been on Gaia too long, but I like it here already =). From the start, as soon as I learned how the DC worked, I was ready to deco house, car, n aquarium. I was very excited that I could do all this n dress my avi. I know acquiring gold would take some time, but that's ok w/ me. I love to b creative - decorate n design n do stuff - otherwise, life (on gaia or real) would just b too boring n no fun at all. Although, there are lots more details that the gaia staff have yet to implement - I think 7years n still popular is pretty awesome - don't u?

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I've decorated both. I never use my car...it's essentially an expensive lawn ornament for me. I just hated it looking like a** in front of my house. My house I tend to spend more time and money on, and I use it once in a while - I'm still waiting for a housing update so we can do more with them.

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