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DJ Twissta
DJ Twissta
I guess each person has their reason lol. There are too many items on Gaia for me to remember @_@ If I ever want to know, but they have their inventory unviewable, I just ask them and they usually answer :3

Sometimes, they have it set so only friends can PM them. I've had that happen before.

I just comment them if that's the case =]

That's assuming comments aren't also set to private. :K

I'd just let it go then haha.
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Mines Private, Its just my choice and I'll gladly take the judgement that comes with it. Plus Its fairly common so Im not really too self-conscious about it. 3nodding
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Princess Mi Amore Cadenza

Wow. Your post has been the most explanatory and I respect that. I can understand how frustrating that is. I don't cosplay anymore but I used to and just recently, I saw almost an exact replica of one of my cosplays in the arena. I was a bit offish about it because I don't cosplay anymore but if I still did I would be piiiiissed. So, believe me, I'm not against your argument. I was just trying to have a question asked that's been on my mind for a while. All these posts made me realize how good that feature is, even if I find it frustrating when I can't find out what item someone was wearing that I really liked. Now that I've seen all these reasons, I'm contemplating hiding my items and then adding to my siggy, "Hey! Do you want to know what a certain item is on my avatar? PM me!" or something like that. So I can be safe but fair.
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some of them do it so that you can play the game

the game of 'can you name all the X's on their avatar?'

sort of like a scavenger hunt

and when you find an item you are unfamiliar with it's like you've won/accomplished something kipplish

but sometimes you can't truly win every battle by word association alone, unless you cheat using tektek's search tags...which are way better than gaia's...or maybe you will phone a friend or ask the audience and drop by Q&A for some help


these are the reasons of the universe

Actually I enjoy that game and trying to guess all the items XD

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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

I won't deny the name of at least one item to someone if they actually ask me, but I won't give out my entire inventory. As I did explain prior, it IS a pain in the a** to make a cosplay on here at times. You'd think that because we don't have a canon human form of MLP characters, that it would bring out creativity and people would use the opportunity to make something their own, but they don't. Every Twilight Sparkle wears a sailor fuku as if she's in some shoujo anime. Every Applejack looks like she's in some bad, farm based porno and every Fluttershy seems to use Jittery Jill because it's the website's token "moe" item.

What's more, when you find a certain combination and plan to enter it in the arenas and someone else steals it because they saw you with it, you wind up having less of a chance of placing. The snippy arena regulars will complain that the combination has already been done and to find another, when what you've found is closest and the best, but someone else went and took it. Not too long after Pinot Noiress came out, I used it to create a Tinkerbell that I placed in the arenas with. I was the first. Nobody else used that combo. The very next week (and I s**t you not, the VERY. NEXT. WEEK.), there were a crapload of Tinkerbell cosplays that were using the same.

People just have a grand time ripping off things, whether it be half assed or otherwise.
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ღ i just hide mine because well, i hid it ages ago and kind of forgot to ever change it. also, because i can see it, i kind of forgot others couldn't.

anyway, my equip list is on my profile, and if you can't be bothered to go look at that, you can always just ask me.
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I think it's because they're either: A) afraid someone sill steal their avatar idea (I can't blame Existential for this, EE's avis are awesome) or B) they want people to PM/quote them asking what so-and-so item is.

I don't have my equipped list blocked, but it's only because none of my avatars are super awesome and I don't like having to figure out which pose came from what item, on an avatar that I may no longer be wearing, to answer a person's question.
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The irony of it all is that all you have to do is just take the items you do know, remake the avatar in TekTek, then work down process of elimination.

It sounds complicated, but really, it takes a few minutes at most. Rendering the entire thing pointless.
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That again? rofl

People turn it off because the option was given to us.
Let them be~

I have mine open, because idc whee
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Mine are viewable because I like seeing what the items are. I think people do that being afraid of being hacked. Who knows
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♥ ♥

Hmm.. at this point it is one of those things where if
you give people the option to choose, some will go one
way and some will go the other.

I see no reason in hiding mine. XD

the rats in the c e l l a r you know who you are
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I guess my reasoning in depth would be that my avatars are special to me but I by no means think it would be difficult to figure out. Denham and Existensial I would say are fully justified If they did happen to hide it. They've really pushed the artistic expression catagory here. 3nodding
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I display mine, but honestly, who is gonna rip off my avvie?

My look is sort of odd for most anyone else. I mean, white dye, dander ears and a crapton of random stuff more often times than not? Who else but me would DO that?-lol-
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I used to cosplay all the time in the arena's and hid my list because I didn't want someone to copy my avatar. Now, I still hide it because I'm always entering in the original arena now and would hate to see my avatar copied and entered before I had the chance to enter mine. I work hard on my avatars, creating what I see as art and I would hate it if someone were to copy it and enter it. All those hours of work and slaving for gold to create the perfect avatar would be lost.

But I also have it turned off so I won't have people begging for my items, it has happened and it's very annoying. I don't want to deal with the influx of messages that are obviously fake and not from admin.

I don't mind answering questions about what I'm wearing, but I won't give out the whole outfit. I haven't had anyone ask me for a whole outfit yet, which is nice.
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*quotes self from last time she answered this question...and the time before that.*

*quotes herself from last weeks thread*

*beats the dead horse until it's a mass of bloody giblets*

There are 3 reasons people hide their equip lists.

1. People think they're some special snowflake and are afraid that 'omg someone might copy me' (I would add cosplay people who are in the arenas might be somewhat exempt from this)

2. They like getting PMs about what they're wearing from people just to stroke their internet ego.

3. or option 3, they just want to be asses.

That is all.

A side note, a large portion of the people who hide their equip lists on the little drop down menu don't take the 'what I'm wearing' feature off their profiles, which means they're really dim witted or they're taking option 2 even farther by making people visit their profiles.

Also...all these people talk about being copied. I don't know if no one wants to copy me or what, but I've never, ever had someone copy me. Where do you people hang out that you get copied so easily? Besides maybe the arenas. o.o;

I never hide my equip list, never did even when I was less well off on Gaia, I pity the fool who wants to copy most of the people around here, they better have pretty deep pockets. lol

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