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I've always noticed that people get more generous during event times, Of course some people are generous out of it too, biggrin
Mostly I've noticed nicer stuff coming out of dumpster dive smile
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I've been gifting people for a while, even the most recent ones were an item in someone's wish list and a huge, million donation for another's quest. While I also received gifts from people in return, I'm finding some friends to be gifting me expensive items the most. The wig I'm currently wearing was one such unexpected gift from a friend, it makes me happy to see such generous people exist in Gaia. heart
I feel like truly people are either more sympathetic or pitiful.

>> this inflation.
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I have been receiving gifts from a friend, but I've never gotten an anon gift with like, a legit present.
By legit I mean not an anon that says "b***h" or has trash in it lol , so I really don't know about this whole deal of people receiving anon gifts that happen to be from their wish lists.
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i'm blown away by how nice and generous so many users are.
a long time ago i thought they were all scrooges but they have really proved me so wrong this year.
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Thanks for the gifts anons. heart heart heart
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I definitely think the community has gotten more widely generous. Or braver. Or richer. Or all of the above.

I remember when you used to have to fill out an application for a charity to get things. But we've changed a lot since those days! Giveaways, gifts, and expensive anons alike. All make me much more glad to be a part of this community now.
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I honestly think the userbase has become polarized.

The greedy are greedier, and the generous are more generous.

For the generous Gaian it's easy to think "Gold is worthless. It's tough to sell my extra items and even if I do, most of them won't net me much in the grand scheme of things. Why not just gift them to someone who could really use them?"

For the greedy Gaian it's all a vending game.
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It's a lot less likely for a lurker to receive a random gift, purely because we don't know you're there wink

I think Gaians have always been generous and nice!

Yes, there are some less than nice folks, but ya get that all over smile
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I have been on Gaia for years and years(mainly as a lurker) and I have never received a gift from someone.
Today I just commented on how generous people have been and I got a gift for the first time surprised . Have people gotten nicer now?

I've always been nice to those who deserve it. Usually if I see a person is nice or generous and is looking for an item I might have, I send it free of charge.

I still encounter jerks here, though. Just depends.
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Due to inflation people have a lot more gold now, so they are more happy to give some of it away. For example, $10 can get you over 1 billion gold. What's a few million these days xd
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Gaia has been nicer! Community is really nice these days . smile
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There's plenty of generous people, and greedy people. Heehee whee I wish I could continue gifting people but I cannot afford anything D<
I got donated a whole set of grunny and this cherubim wings O.O

and one anon donated me the bag which I attained the same cherubim wings xD
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I've noticed that people seem to get a little more generous as spring starts coming on.

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