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The event isn't connected to the manga story except in that it occurs after where the Halloween left off. It's not an actual continuation of the story and the results of the event don't have an effect on the story. After Halloween things were looking dark and gloomy and the purpose of the Xmas event was to do what you could to spread holiday cheer in the face of that doom and gloom.

Fair enough, I can understand that. But that point was very poorly communicated, and I feel it left many users like myself confused as to the point of the whole event. What did the number on the tree mean, if anything? Who were we trying to cheer up?

Don't get me wrong- I love the event items, and massive kudos to the artists for their hard work- but just a tad more explanation could have helped a lot in making the event more fun for everyone.

The number on the top of the tree represented how many times the tree was completely decorated by the community. As the tree filled up, the header changed from a sense of apocalyptic doom when the tree had no decorations to a happy, winter scene when the tree was completely decorated. There was no one person to cheer up, the point was to keep holiday cheer going despite all the talk of doom and gloom with the apocalypse.
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Oooh, so that's what it did. I'm glad to have that mystery solved.
For over half the event, I had no idea what the tree and the number at the top was doing or represented. I would've never thought the header was being affected.
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I was actually hoping for the end times.

It would be a lot more interesting than the failed affairs of dark elves.
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But it kept changing back and forth. You'd think it'd get cheerier and cheerier instead of turning apocalyptic again when we were filling a new tree...
dramallama dramallama dramallama
dramallama dramallama dramallama nice.
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So that was the point of the event? I totally didn't guess that...

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I didn't even understand what the number on the tree was until the dev alert. sweatdrop

Yeah, apocalypsmas seemed kind of pointless. If it was more of a 'IF YOU DON'T SPREAD CHEER NOW THE WORLD WILL END', I would get the point.. xd

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