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x My English has improved a lot!
x My drawings has improved as well xD
x Met quite a lot of friends. Whether it's good news or bad. They're always here to listen to me heart

x Zomg has tore apart my relationship with a very special relative...literally. She became addicted and doesn't care about a damn thing but zomg.
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My character development has improved. A lot. I always like to think of my avatar as a character, and I always come up with stories for it. Also, I've met a lot of cool friends on here as well.
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First off, congrats!

Yeah, it has changed my life, and admitting it makes me feel like a sad little nerd. emo

Has helped my grammer a lot, and I've met a lot of nice people here. It's also helped me develop my art style.
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Truthfully, it's quite sad that Gaia is the reason that I have backbone. I was often bullied as a young child, but now I don't take any s**t from anyone. Perhaps, I'm even too aggressive at times. I have also improved my writing style, as I used to type like this : Hiiii!!! how r u? I'm rlly good. So happy to talk 2 u. God, I'm so glad I no longer type like that.
In addition, dictionary.com became one of my best friends, especially in writing essays. xP. (I'm always looking up words I meet here that I'm not quite sure of the definition and applying them to my essays. As my dad will say, "Use colorful language"/ *translate from Chinese to English*
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Uhum!, since... 2008!... for the good!? confused
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Besides being where I spent a lot of random time (in the past) not really.

Though in retrospect I did meet one of my besets friends here. But I mean... 7 years and only one person to show for it? Eh XD
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Well, in one of my math classes, we built a mock-stock exchange, and thanks to Gaia, I was able to track trends in the real life stock exchange and came out with the most "money" in the end and got the best grade for that project 8D
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#---Gaia have been a part of my life because this is the place where i practice to counsel and express more of my Christianity side gaia_angelright
Well, I met my boyfriend on gaia (and we are going out for almost 2 years). I also met my roomate through gaia, and now we are living togheher. I met lots of my friends, and my ex boyfriend was a friend of a friend I met through gaia.
Im studying visual arts, and I havent consider this as a career until I met artists in gaia who made a living out of their art.
Also, Im working in the same place as my boyfriend is, because he got me in.

Basicly, I have to thank gaia for a job, two boyfriends, lots of friends, my career choice and to be able to share an apartment.
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I personally think that having a Gaia girlfriend/boyfriend AND having a real life girlfriend/boyfriend is just stupid. It's practically cheating imo.

What has Gaia changed in my life?
Well, my a** is bigger.
I have to admit, I wouldn't have made it through my economics class with out Gaia.
Or school in general when I was being bullied. Gaia was my safe place.
I've also made some long lasting friendships because of Gaia.
My grammar improved, my sense of style too. >.>

But right now if it weren't for Gaia, I wouldn't be sitting next to my girlfriend of almost two years. I lived in California and met Danielle in the CB. I was nineteen, living with my parents, no school, no job, few friends, no car. Life sucked. Now I'm in Washington with an amazing person all because I posted in a thread she made. I know internet dating isn't exactly a new thing, and it wasn't something I ever considered for myself. Danielle and I just clicked.

Thanks, Gaia. heart

gaia_spoons What about you? Has Gaia done anything drastic to your life, or is it just another social media site? Do you take Gaia seriously? Is anyone as insane as I am to fly 700 miles to meet a person I'd only known for three months on the internet? Is having a "Gaia girlfriend/boyfriend" silly, or can it be real too? It worked for me. [=

We have our rings picked out, and marriage equality has been approved in Washington. ;D THANKS AGAIN, GAIA!

gaia_spoons The little spoons emot has me giggling. I've been away from Gaia for far too long. Where did that come from?[/quote]

congratulations. but ... you're a female and have got a girlfriend and have got married. is this legal in the us?
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I think Gaia has honestly helped my sense of fashion. I have no many clothing options here that I buy random stuff and make a ton of outfits. Though some people may think they're ugly ;_;

When I dress my avatar up I try to find things that 'go together' or at least match. I actually love dressing up my avatar into fantasy clothes but also making her look like she's an everyday girl too, you know?

I think it also helped me learn to save a lot better. I mean, I always knew but when you see how much an item you want is going for its like 'DAMN! emotion_0A0 ' so then you start to save for it.
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Heya Alybrylla!

Thanks so much for sharing your story with us. I love stories like this, truly I do. It always makes me smile when I hear about how Gaia helped people connect with others in deep and meaningful ways. I myself have made some awesome friends here on Gaia. Anyway, I hope you don't mind, but I would like to share your story with the rest of the office.

And, many congratulations on your upcoming wedding and all the best to both of you in your new life together. Once the date is set, let me know! We might not be there in person, but maybe we could at least find some way to deck your avatars out in wedding style for the happy occasion! XD

Take care,
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Sifen Yamishi

Well, Gaia for the most part...well let's just say it connected me to a 26 year-old transgender woman who happens to live 5 hours away from me. And I've hooked up with her since last October.

Hoping to not jinx things, but she feels like I'm the one she wants to spend the rest of her life with.

If it wasn't for that, I'd have been in a huge depression rut and have had nothing else to do whilst slogging away in college.
and if it wasn't for you i'd be in some really dark places in my life -hugsupertight-

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