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Lazarus Larkin
7k, damn they were only 1 g the day they came out rofl

if my complaining makes her not do crap like this any more... you do realize that would make me happy? Because I already said it would?

Even if you don't like the item, be happy for the other people who DO like the item. Or in fact, you don't even need to be happy about it, just stop being such a jackass about it. It's disrespectful. If you decided to create a long, tedious project, just to give it to people for free and for them to throw it back in your face and mentally beat you up for it, how would feel? Like crap, right?

Gaia could, at any time that they want, just say "Forget our users, we aren't going to do anything for them." But no, they actually care about us, regardless of the ungrateful people such as yourself and countless others.

I'm pretty sure reapersun's not going to stop making "crap like this" just because you're complaining. People like you are so ungrateful, it frustrates me. How do you treat your elders and those who constantly give to you?