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Beloved Foe

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♥ ♥

******** yes. /can pretend they're all heartagrams

a pink tail...
********. Must have. I'm totally going to get dressed, go to cvs
and then buy gc like, after I finish eating my spaghetti. holy s**t.

/suicides on a brick

the rats in the c e l l a r you know who you are
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Obsessive Werewolf

This is the first time I've wanted every single item from a bundle gonk
And I just spent my gc today
but at least i have gold
to buy it
gonk gonk gonk
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Cheery Cat

Black + pink = win!
Always happy to have more black and pink items!
This is the first bundle in a long time where I love all the items!
I especially love the companion items!
We need more companion items!
So awesome!
I might need to buy multiples!
n wn
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OOOH! Finally, an interesting bundle. Love it all. Need to get one. And those legs of the red item. Can easily replace the crimson marionette ones. YEEEES! emotion_dowant

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          In spite of my aversion to black items, I like more than one pose in each item. I'll have to pick them up after they deflate.
          Demon Manifest is my favorite, though emotion_drool
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The bundle looks nice, but I don't have an interest to it. sweatdrop I'm glad for those who do like the bundle though.
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Smitten Kitten

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emotion_kirakira I want everything. That pink and black wig is amazing. emotion_dowant

Now I just need to spend hours in the aquarium forum...
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It's not really my style, and I think the hand mod is awkward looking... confused
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Partying Reveler

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Destructive Sentai

Mmm... made some nice profit with this bundle twisted
Gonna pick up Demon Manifest when it drops. Though it does look flat against a lot of items. I really wish the artist would use a darker shade of grey when putting highlights on anything black (or at least a monotone colour to whatever the main colour is; in this case: red / pink). Otherwise everything looks like plastic. I feel like I say this a lot.
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Inquisitive Bibliophile

Alas, I'm not really that interested in the items. Maybe the manifest for the black/red horns and tail but otherwise, eh. The male wig is okay I guess. I'm not really a major fan of the angelic/demonic theme in general though.
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Sweet Connoisseur

Definitely going to get Succubi's Modesty once it deflates, that hair is so cute and I can use agape to cut out the pink in the back. 4laugh
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I really like that bundle and everything in it. Its not the best pixel quality but all of it looks pretty and very versatile.

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