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I've always had quite an obsession with head-based items, especially horns and head adornments! I have a few pairs of demonesque horns. The newest ones are absolutely goooooorgeous, but I don't want to shell out so much gold to get a pair, so they'll most likely be on my wishlist so I can ogle them from afar for a while.
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    I'm so over tails and horns. I mean, this bundle had good quality items for a fair MP price but right now I'm just not into them. The OG HoTD and DT are rather plain and boring to me, I understand their appeal though. I'm more of a wings person, I guess. 4laugh
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The demon manifest is a item that, i try to get lol.
I don't really use demonic tail, but often use animal tails. I really like the tail of the demonic manifest because it's suit with the horn of the zodiacal *-*

*like red/black theme* xD
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Only reason I am going to work for a devil tail is because it's an October MC and I was born in October so I must obtain it.
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I never understood the whole tail & horn love, but maybe it's because neither fit my avi's style.
Even wings are a bit of a mystery to me, although I do love a lot of the new wings we've gotten.
Milk Kittea
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I never understood the whole tail & horn love, but maybe it's because neither fit my avi's style.
Even wings are a bit of a mystery to me, although I do love a lot of the new wings we've gotten.

Same here. Nice items but gotta keep you style in line xd I only like changeling babies horns (if I were to use some it would deffinately be those).

And although we do have pretty good wings/horns/tails items in quality I think that d.tail and hotd will always be cherished c:
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I love my original horns they're my fave item thus far on Gaia totally! (and I have owned them for a long while now..love them. <3) lol But I do gotta say I love these new horns they're so cute (and honestly most of the time I do not like pink but damn this is just awesome) it goes with my theme so well..now I wish the other tail wasn't wrapped around you cause its kind of hard to work with but its a cute item.

The other tail and horns look bad a** and I love the shape and look of them..I'm glad to see more of them not just one type a tail and that's that. Multiple choices is great different colors LOVE!

I'll always want the Dtail as well its definitely a pipe dream for me too. Not going to ever happen unless it goes down in price few notches..XD
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I wish I could use the item without having to sacrifice my 'fixed' horns and tails.
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I was never a fan of D. horns and tails, but that changed when Wed to Darkness came out.
Still, the original horns and tail don't work for me because of that brown-black color.
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I love the tail from Wed to Darkness! It's cute and somewhat delicate-looking, which is what I like. And it's actually black :3 Favorite horns are harder to pick because so many look so good! I actually like the fat Alruna's Rose ones a lot, but I wish they matched with more things.

I'd like to have more horns but I never have any gold, so HOTD always work fine if I really want longer horns on my avatar (otherwise I also like the tiny horns from WtD).
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I've never really liked the horns or tail, I'm always more fond of sparkly things smile

I adore the mini wings tho! Shame about the price heh
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I don't have much gold so the Wed to Darkness tail was perfect for me!
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Gosh, I hate these demon infestation...
demon this... sexify that... emotion_facepalm
classic is classic. not good nor bad, just classic.
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          There's only one devil tail I want and it's in Devilish Dancer. The poses I like from the new release aren't the horns and tails...though I do like horns more than demon tails because they can be fairly versatile. I wish we could deviate from sexy devils once in a while, though.

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