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I really like the Demon Manifest tail/horns and I like how gaia is introducing colour into their tail selections! I'm also quite fond of the pink tail's positioning, it's a nice change from the regular ones.

My favourites will always be the devilish dancer tail and the fiery infernal spirit one, if gaia had a pair of smaller horns to match it would be perfect, a girl can dream!
I still expect more releases in the future, if only because so many people want a proper black devil tail versus a tail the color of burnt leather, or a striped tail, or a thin tail, and so on. They want, more or less, THE devil tail. Design-wise, at least.
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♥ ♥

I'm so glad these items came out. I love them. I ******** love them.
I want more. Never can have too many demon items, honestly. From the bottom
of my black little soul, GIMME MOAR GAIA >:U

Really. I'm a demon. I need to represent my god damned peeps.
Now that there are more choices for demonic tails, I don't have to
waste my gold buying myself a dtail. 8D Happy day. Cuz I really was
just gonna buy one for myself for xmas if I got that bored. Luckily, now
I have more play things to mess around with.

I wish the pink tail didn't go in front of the avatar but, eh. What can ya
do? The red one suits me perfectly right now anyway.

the rats in the c e l l a r you know who you are
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i wonder how many people would like the old devil tail if it came out today instead of years ago. i think most of the people claiming to like the old better than the new only do so for either a. nostalgia b. status c. price, not the actual merits of the item.*

now we have a great variety of nice tails. i really like the demon manifest. whee

*note, not saying this is true of everyone who claims to like the original more than the new ones.
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i still like my gumball tail more :C /patpat
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I like this new demon tail, except for the screaming red color.
It's the perfect shape for a dragon tail, but again, wrong color.
I'd love a blue or monochrome recolor that isn't atrociously expensive.
Also, I'm still waiting for a dragon tail that's in the same pose as the Rat Tail.

As for horns, Demon Manifest works good on my red colored mule, but good ol' HotD works on this account. 3nodding
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I love the variations on a theme for the devil tail, but for me the original is just the way to go. The Dark Halo was a pretty good version as well, and I've seen a few other decent ones I might consider wearing. As for the horns, I was never a fan of the original set, they seemed too flat. The small version was cute, but nothing fearful or mature if you were going for a more serious theme, I've settled on Alruna's rose, I like the colour shift and the lighting, it gives them depth. There have been a lot of decent horn sets though!
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my obsession with ciel and sebastian avatars aside,
i love horns and tails. D: i was recently making a pair
of matching avatars for myself and a friend, and my god.
i was just going crazy with them. o x o

right now, i like the ascended demon tail with heimdall's
horns from the compass. x u x i love those horns. so.
much. i was uuber excited for this last bundle ~ <3333

annnnd tis time to quest again~

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I like the simplicity of the Devil Tail and Horns of the Demon.
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Not a fan of devil/demon type stuff. But I do love the colors and shading.
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I remember wanting the Demonic Horns and Demon Tail for the longest time when I first joined. Those days have passed, but I still like them, and I like the new ones as well. gives a wonderful variety for those looking for a specific look.

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While I do like the horns/tails... I just wish it wasn't always in red and black or pink and black.
Wish there was a blue and black version ( don't even think we even have a version that comes in that theme, do we? Mostly magenta/red/black and the one white set, lmao ) . sweatdrop
Personally love the heimdall's horns from the compass as horn item poses go since they're silvery.
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    i don't really use horns or tails much...
    but i really like the Cornes Demonique horns. haven't used them yet, unfortunately.
    and i loove the Demon Manifest tail. so cute!

    i used to really want Horns of the Demon and the Devil Tail, but compared to the newer ones, i don't care for them so much anymore.
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I like a lot of the newer tails, but I'm always going to love my horns, even if they're a bit wonky sometimes. But I think it's more personal attachment than ascetics.
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DTail has always been my favorite.
Finally trying to obtain it.
I have a few avatars it would fit perfectly with : D

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