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I'm not a really huge fan of any of the devil tails but I LOVE the dragon tails/horns items. Fafnir anybody? heart
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I like the Wed to Darkness tail I'm wearing at the moment. It's a nicer shade of black and the horns from the same item also look better in my opinion.
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Most of the time they're too gaudy for my taste. I think the only horn and tails combo I really like is the Wed to Darkness.
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The black and pink tail
from Demon Manifest looks silly emotion_donotwant

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I love Demon Manifest. I honestly can never get enough horn and tail items on Gaia, just because there can be so many variations to them!

I honestly use these more and my Horns of the Demon and Devil Tail.
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eh not a fan of the dtail, it's too bulky to me, it'd be good for a cutey devil but I prefer wed to darkness for a more delicate tail, and ascended demon too.

I like the new items, the tail especially, are great, the girly pink tail is interesting in how it come to the front, but eh just don't like it much.

I think most of the horns hold up well, depending on what look you want.
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          While they are nice, the Wed to Darkness horns are a little too thin looking at the points. They were okay for wearing for a while but I like my black ram horns better because they do a nice job of hiding the base ears. As for tails, the only one for me is the Demon Vassal tail. I love the way the end of the tail is a rounded point and how the shading is a nice complement to the shading on the horns I put on my avatar and how the shading on the bow goes with the shading on my ears and butt wings as well. Plus, the little bow adds a nice little feminine touch to the tail. It doesn't matter that the tail and horns stand out against a lot of the outfits I put her in because of how it's placed on the avatar that balances things out nicely. I like that it adds another dimension to her overall character.

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Demonic tails are one of my favorite things ever.
I just wish that item was like 200k-300k right now, because i want it badly!
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I do like a good devil tail and horns.
Red and Black is the best for me, as that is what most of my inventory is made of xD
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I far prefer my Wed to Darkness Horns and Tails to any others on Gaia.

They're slight yet noticeable in just the right way...
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I like the new tails, and the horns are pretty nice as well. With that said I like the originals the best.
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I love the pink ones but I'm saving my gold for something. I hope this bundle stays in the cash shop for months.
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I'm not sure how many tails/horns they've released but we could always use more (can't go wrong with variety, Gaia! Just sayin'...).

Hmm... I guess my favorite horns are still Horns of the Demon, you'd have to pry them from my cold undead fingers to get them away from me. Lol. My favorite tail would have to be the Queue Demonique, I like the curve and the width (not too thick or too thin) and it goes well with a lot of the different outfits I make.
I've actually given up my quest for a D-Tail, which is fine by me because now it looks a little too brown for my taste.

As for Demon manifest, the horns are a bit fat but I guess they didn't want them to look too much like HotD. I absolutely love the 'pierced tail' pose though. I'm not ecstatic about 'petite horns', but I know I'll end up using them if I ever make a pink/black avi. The 'coy tail' on the other hand, I will probably never use, as it passes in front of the avatar.

And wings, GOD(?) YES! More wings, PLEASE!

((The ones you can make through alchemy look amazing, but are just way too expensive to buy/make.))
Yeah, the other horns/tails are nice, but none of them will beat or come close to the originals EVER. Simple as that. smile
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Yeah, the other horns/tails are nice, but none of them will beat or come close to the originals EVER. Simple as that. smile

Couldn't of said it better myself! cool RIGHT ON IT! emotion_brofist

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