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So I logged on Gaia and got one of the best surprises in my life!
The release of the Demon Manifest item.

I've been an insane fan of the Devil tail and Demon Horns since they've come out and
I've been able to get the Demon Horns but the Dtail has long been a pipe-dream of mine.
Now the Wed to Darkness came out with a pretty so-so imitation of the Dtail but
I've always found it was a little small to my taste.

But I'm really pleased with the new tail from the Demon Manifest. 8D
And although it's not all black, the shape is certainly right on!
(exception with the pink one though since it's weirdly positioned.)

One thing I've also been really critical with tail items, is the poses they have.
Although the Demon Manifest has the usual Dtail/Wed to Darkness type poses...

I wish we'd get more poses like the Minotaur Asterion where the tail is sweeping to the other side without blocking
the avatar and the Demon Vassal where the tail turns just a little toward the legs.

gaia_spoons With as many demon-tail/horn items Gaia has released, are you still loving new releases and expect even more in the future?
gaia_spoons Best loved Tail/Horn item Gaia has released so far?
gaia_spoons Or do you think the Devil Tail will always be the "be-all, end-all" of all Demonic tails?
gaia_spoons What do you think of the Demon Manifest? -- finally a pink demon? 8D
gaia_spoons Maybe you're more the Wing type? ;D
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A fine tail, but too red for my avatar.

I would kill for a black recolor of the Queue Demonique I've been wearing emotion_kirakira
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At this point, I think most user want Dtail just because is an expensive item.
I am happy with the new tails and horns they have release so far. Different shape, color and positions.
: D
And the best thing is that they are easier to get.
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A fine tail, but too red for my avatar.

I would kill for a black recolor of the Queue Demonique I've been wearing emotion_kirakira

Oh. I love that tail as well.
They should really think about recoloring it!

>>; Maybe all white, all black and different stripey colors.
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The shading on the D tail makes it look really round. To me I prefer the newer, sharper tails.

But then again I was never much of an demonic person anyways so...
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      I've never cared too much for horns or tails anyways.
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I prefer the tail in the Playful Succubus but sadly there's not enough red skins to match it.
The devil tail is and always will be the best of all demonic tails.
Mainly because of it's rareity and value.
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Eh, I've never liked the Dtail. Something about it is just .. off. I don't know. Wouldn't wear it even if I somehow magically got one for free.
The HotD and Wed to Darkness poses are my favourites though ;A; They're perfect and I don't care about new stuff, unless it's recolors or just exceptionally well done.
Demon Manifest falls into neither of these categories for me.
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Don't care much for the original Devil Tail. There's just something about the color, it's got a brown shade to it or something. Love my Horns of the Demon and knock off devil tails.
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Wed to Darkness is still my favorite horns/tail item. I honestly feel that it looks much better than the original Devil Tail/Horns of the Demon.
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Ascended Demon FTW! Not the horns, but I love the tail <3 Just the shape and the shading is perfect to me.
DTail looks too round and brown as some others have pointed out c:
I love little angelic wings too > u< So having a white tail is handy.
I really like the new bundle! <3 I want one o w o
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I was never taken by any of those sorts of horn or tail items for some reason. The elusiveness of them don't lure me in, even when I was a noob. Nor am I a wing person!
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The horns from Demon Manifest is sure nice and would go nicely when I have a red or a pink avatar.
But I still prefer the Horns of the Demon.
I don't really care for the devil tail, the tail from Devilish Dancer goes very well with the Horns of the Demon.
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I love Dtail. The best tail, imo. Not matter what anyone else says that the Dtail is only for status and such. Dtail will always be a good looking and versatile item for me. I used to have it, but sold it to get a friend a Jet the kitten star. I actually like the tail in the new item, but not gonna get it for that price for only the red tail. I don't like the horns on it much. Maybe if I get the Azrael SDPlus someday, then I'll get demon manifest.

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