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So the last MCs for this year are soon upon us!
And while many are happy that new MCs are coming out, I am sadden by this.
This year was very good! We got some hits and misses, but over all I say the quality when through the roof!

I wouldn't mind a MC version of the Krampus!, or having any of the wilder street fashions that are all the rage right now!

Looking back on this year, did any of you have any favorites? Dislikes? What would you want to see next year? This month?

This year on Gaia had many ups and down, but overall I'm glad to say that I was here!
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hands down I liked Prima Poppet and Devoted Spica best.

I want to see a nekomimi item next year. or a Bunny item cat_biggrin
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I had never heard of Krampus till now and after looking at the wikipedia article, he seems awfully familiar to a well known brown, furry internet friend of ours...

They both kidnap "naughty" kids and...well...does something bad to them.

As for the MC's, I really haven't been keeping up with them but from what I remember the Juno's Lace and Devoted Spica were probably some of the nicest MC's of this year. The rest were mediocre at best. They haven't done any monochrome MC's for a while and I wouldn't mind if they did it for December or early next year. Hopefully they aren't just saving monochrome as RIG prizes. sweatdrop
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emotion_sweatdrop Douse yourself in water

February, with Juno's Lace & Djinn Baharat, was a successful month. I've seen many people with the dress or the leg mods on.
My personal favorite this year is Literary Luxury (August). I liked it so much that I got two and contemplated getting more. sweatdrop

and repent. emotion_sweatdrop
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I liked all those too!
But did no one like Antique Pierrot?
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Something as good as Djinn would be nice, actually.

First time as well I hear about the Krumpy. Although this december I would prefer something more naif.
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Krampus and Old Saint Nick would be an AWESOME MC duo~

Admittedly, I disliked a LOT of the MCs this year... Captain Cobalt and Djinn Baharat Are the only ones that I actually ever bought.
Next year I'd like to see them move away from the whole overly-gendered thing that they had going on this year. More unisex/androgynous items, plz. Maybe even some months with two masculine items or two feminine items.
I hope they switch concepts next year.

This year has been pretty much the same - wig/hair, limb mods, clothes, background (sometimes). Sure the items are good but I want to see something fresh. Like animal MCs.
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My favorites were Juno's Lace (I bought 3!), Empress Cotton, Captain Cobalt, and Prima Poppet. All of them have been very useful for the avatars I create. Frills are always well appreciated on my end of Gaia. heart
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Junos lace & the newest sunset spirit are by far my favorites. I thought this year was VERY successful on MCs. They all seemed really high quality to me.
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Your Blushing Paladin
I liked all those too!
But did no one like Antique Pierrot?
I loved the Pierrot!
Overall, I was very happy with the MC's this year. I'm glad they went with a "masculine" and "feminine" MC each month, I think it made it more likely that someone would like at least one of them.

I hope they continue this trend~
I mean, I guess they have done this often over the past few years but I think this year they were consistant and all very nice. heart
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Juno's lace and Devoted Spica are my favorite mc's for this year. I'm hoping to see an mc with a very different color from all the whites, creams, pinks, mint greens and blue. Going thru tektek, i want to see nice gray items or olive green
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Noticing lots of variations of blues and reds...and not much else

More colors next year would be nice and an animal or two that they haven't done yet.
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Oh gosh a Krampus would be AWWWWESOME! Like one pose would have his naughty basket of children LOL

WOO Or they could go with Gentleman Krampus! Like some of those early Christmas cards! That would rock...well for me anyway xd

I rather liked this year's items. I thought they were really trying to go with new ideas and themes and I saw it! Now I'm not saying I loved every item that came out, but I did have to go woo neat! For each one I saw!

What I like to see next year? I'm not sure...More awesome themes and stories for the MC. Of course having awesome art and detail would rock too wink whee
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Lady Glaive and Juno's Lace where this year's favorites.

I think this year's mc's are better than last years.

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