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I never really noticed their absence.
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There are the occasional ad banners for books and movies. They are just not announced.
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As for the lack of sponsorships, perhaps asking DJ Helsing would be a good start. That is his department, after all.

With TinierMe's imminent closure, I'm surprised that Gaia isn't swooping down on TinierMe's old sponsors like a starved vulture. Funimation was willing to play ball before, judging by the fact that Fullmetal Alchemist items are still available through Mecha Neko; I wonder how easy or hard it'd be to do the same with Funimation's other licensed properties, like Black Butler or Hetalia.

As for TinierMe's other sponsors, Gaia should also court Aniplex of America (Durarara!!, Madoka Magica) and Crypton Future Media (Vocaloid) for sponsorship deals, though I'm not sure how the latter would react to the fact that we already have quite a few Vocaloid knockoff items...

I want medukas emotion_dowant
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In the thread for the DC update, Natsumi did say that the lack of sponsorships was the cause of us getting more ads.

And yeah, I am a little disappointed. I used to love getting items in exchange for watching ads. Some of the sponsor items were actually really good, like that House Bunny outfit and the Tsubasa Fai Coat.
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