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It's just as easy to donate something back as it is to trash it.
As so many people have already posted, lots of the stuff getting trashed is desired by others.
I don't trash anything, and I won't sell stuff back to Gaia unless it is available in the gold stores.
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I don't hate any of the items I get. I'd even keep all the cat items even if i abhor those animals irl. Some of those 'trash' can be useful too (e.g., as alchemy ingredients or selling them through my invo if it's possible).
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Kawaii Striker

I stick all those items on a mule and forget about them
I never know if they'll be useful to alchemy
I also keep all my paper, flowers, fish, bugs, ink, ect

but I do trash all those crappy aquarium decor items that don't have a sellback
nobody wants them and if they did they could buy them on the MP for like nothing
good riddance to junk

I have a surplus of them anyway on all my mules just in case
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Kawaii Demigod

This days you never know what you might need for alchemy so...
keep your crap close, you never know.
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I keep nearly everything. I sometimes trash the Aquarium backgrounds but I'm often online at night when the dumpster gets empty so I usually save them for when it needs items to start functioning again.
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I have not really dumpster dived much but some items that annoy the ******** out of me are the neutral starter clothes. I used to get those all the time from the lottery thing years ago, and have gotten more since I started back up.. sad
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Bitchboots's Wife

Girl-Crazy Man-Lover

The only thing I trash are the horrible prizes that come out of event boxes. I'm not horrible enough to inflict night vision goggles on anyone.

Awhile back, someone flooded Dumpster Dive with Monster Brown Paper Bags, and it was a delight when I pulled one out. Still have it in my inventory emotion_kirakira
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I trash the octopus on my head, nautilus, the cheaper trash and the aquarium decor items. The rest of that kind of thing I give to my friends who do alchemy.

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